I'm going on vacation to Napa Valley - what 3 wineries should I absolutely make sure to see?

Will be in napa for a week in mid august

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    Viansa - Great tuscan style place, tuscan grill, shop with gourmet items (and tastings, yum), really good wine, picnic benches outside where you can eat your tuscan food and look over the vineyards. Its just before the Napa Sonoma Split on the right hand side (if you are headed north, it's a little easy to miss, it's the same turn as the Sonoma County Visitor's bureau, but to the right)

    Clos Pegas - The wine is Okay, the art is great, the owner has an extensive art collection to view, there are great wine caves that you can see. The art alone is worth the stop.

    I think it St. Supry that has the learning center, where you go through the process of wine making (though tours at all of them cover this stuff, this one is more interactive), I think it's St. Supry it's been a while.

    Have a great time on your trip, it's a beautiful area, and the heat's finally broken (whew)

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    3 years ago

    i in my view only have been given back from Napa on Saturday (first time as nicely!) i became very aggravating going into it because of same motives - i became slightly intimidated and did no longer understand what to anticipate. have self belief it or no longer, there are greater human beings like us than people who understand what they are doing! so which you do no longer particularly would desire to understand something approximately wine or understand the dazzling thank you to style because of fact they'll inform you approximately it and/or instruct you. My recommendations/strategies: a million. v. sattui in Napa - has an incredible picnic section and deli interior, and are very friendly. the judgements are particularly solid and theres lots of area on the bar for tasters. it is often busy, so its a solid place to circulate in case you elect to mixture in for the 1st time. 2. Benziger in Sonoma - in case you're able to try this on the initiating of your holiday, do the excursion at this vineyard. A tram takes you in the time of the vineyard, and interior the caves, and so on. and that they inform you each little thing you would be able to desire to nicely known with reference to the wine. Its $10, despite if it includes the tram excursion, and a tasting on the tip. We even have been given to style the grapes suitable off the vine. 3. Robert Mondavi in Napa - it is by using a procedures between the wonderful places - it is captivating and you sense such as you're being pampered. The tasting room is robust off of a courtyard type section with a water fountain and you'd be able to drink your wine exterior. you get 2 tastings for $10, yet they fill it up greater then others and you get to maintain the wine glass. 4. Get to 3 smaller wineries as nicely as those bigger ones. they have super wine, and are not in many cases packed. So in step with probability keep those for as quickly as you're a specialist :0) 5. discover some instruction manual books at your inn, or at a vacationer recommendations end. The instruction manual books of Wine united states of america have coupons for loose tastings and instruct the wineries that usually have complimentary tastings. in case you circulate to 10 wineries on your 4 days it ought to keep you $one hundred-$200 for the two one among you reckoning on the place you circulate. there is an advert for V.Sattui for a loose tasting, yet once you dont instruct it to them its $5/$10. wish this allows, and maximum of all HAVE A BLAST! i like wine united states of america and can't wait to return! :0)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Too many to choose from, but if you're also looking for scenery, Sonoma is much prettier (that's subjective, though). I would, however, encourage you to go on the wine train. The dinner and wine are great!

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  • 1 decade ago

    #1) Robert Mondavi

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if I can only give you three:


    Robert Mondavi


    check out www.napavalley.com, they have info for wineries, restaurants, hotels, etc.

    Have a great time!

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