Who is the largest or majority shareholder of the Target corporation?

Need to know who has the majority sharehold of Target corporation, and where they are located in the world.

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    There is a wealth of information that is easily available by reading their most recent proxy (noted as a "DEF 14A") which is available for free on www.sec.gov.

    To answer your question specifically, the largest holder of Target shares is: Capital Research and Management Company, based in Los Angeles, California. They own approximately 14% of the company.

  • As previously posted, Capital Research and Management is the largest shareholder, although it bares mentioning that THERE IS NO majority shareholder. A "majority shareholder" would change the dynamics of the company and have voting control.

    Also note that we never really know this type of information realtime, because of way it is reported. (Typically, information like this is only reported to comply with government regulations and there is a lag as permitted by law.) This information is as of March 31, which was the end of the first quarter.

    If you would like to research other companies or look for additional detail, you can used Yahoo's "Major Holders" page for each stock.

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    my guess is their CEO - Robert J. Ulrich

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    go to walmart bishes

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    1 decade ago

    email: investorrelations@target.com and they will gladly tell you.

    Good luck...

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