if you had to go to iraq?

to be cross examined in a case involving your husband in an article 32 hearing would you go or would u rather go to jail for contempt of court? even if you didnt like him and u had critical information about him proving he is a monster and always has been.


they can ask me to go. its military they can do what ever they want and i wouldnt nessecarily be testifying against him. id be answering questions. the prosecutors already contacted me and so has his lawyer. its cuz hes trying to claim stress. and i have proof he was like this before he did wrong over there or even joined the army. the military can do what ever they want.

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    I am very sorry but I find your question to be so far outside the normal course of proceedings under military justice that I just don't believe it is true. If I am wrong you have my apologies. In the remote case that it is true I would consult a lawyer who was in my retainer (not your husbands) before proceeding.

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    Easy enough to answer. I'd go. BUT thats the easy answer. In all reality this would honestly be very difficult to answer as the way things are in Iraq, you'd be putting your life on the line. So I'd also say I be giving this some serious thought.

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    Hi Jamie!

    Try to look at the forums and discussions at


    While most people there are in favor of the war, they write about what they believe in. By looking at the pages you may find contacts that may be of help to you.

    If he has done something wrong, you have to come forward. If we are not honest to ourselves, what are we fighting for?

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    First off, a spouse can refuse to testify against their husband/wife.

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    Wives can never be made to go to court against there husbands. why would they make you go over there. They court marshal him to another place. They won't and cant put a civilians life in jeopardy.

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    A civilian going to Iraq in order to testify against her husband.

    Go away and take your BS elsewhere.

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    complete loyalty to your spouse in front of God, yes you might have a moral delima but in the end it all winds down to where your loyalties lay. what you promised to God or the military. You only have to answer to them for so long. God is a little bit longer.

    Source(s): no the military can not just tell you what to do. that only applies to us that signed up. one of three things are the factor here. 1 your full of crap. 2 you misunderstood what they said. or 3 the most likely, they are trying to bluff him out by bringing you into it. they can not send you there unvoluntarily, just think about it, could immagine the s!@# storm that would cause with the news media? soldiers commit crimes over there and what do they do? send them home to be tried. something like this would never even come to that point. they are just trying to bluff him to save them the trouble and paperwork.
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    Why would you have to go to Iraq to answer these questions? Never have heard of this, a spouse would not go to Iraq it would be dont in the states. I believe I'm starting to smell ********.

    Source(s): 17 years in the military, two tours in Iraq.
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    I think if I had information proving my husband had done something terrible, I would have to come forward.

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    Be honest, do what you think is right, and have the courage to accept the consequences.

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