Do Americans know that we are financing Israel's killing of innocent civilians?

My wife and I have been protesting our 3 billion a year giveaway to Israel for over 20 years to no avail. It seems most Americans just don't know of this. Our government could have stopped this extreme overreaction by the Israeli government instantly, but chose not to. Our so-called "war against terror" is now a joke by not stopping the Israeli terrorizing of the Lebanese people (and our 25,000 Americans there). One fifth of those poor people are now homeless and our gutless president and Condileeza Rice just spout meaningless slogans during their suffering. And when this travesty does stop, our gutless congress will quietly push through an emergency package of several extra billions to pay for it. We're not members of any organized religion, but they have a saying that applies here: "When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind", and we will, because now most arabic peoples hate our guts.

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    1 decade ago
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    I do think that Israel overreacted and I'm sure they're after much more than 2 kidnapped soldiers. As for the idiot who said all the crap about Jews, you're a racist and I'm sure that nobody here likes you for being so insensitive. I'm a pacifist, I hate all sorts of war and I hate the fact that innocent people have to suffer, war is everywhere today and you'd think we as a civilized society would be able to coexist with each other after all these years.

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    I served in the Marine Corps, I was in Beruit in the '80s and I was blessed that I was home when hundreds of my brothers were killed by a Hezbollah suicide bomber.

    Have you gone there?

    Have you seen how these people hate Israel because they don't follow the tenets of Islam?

    Have you felt the fear of wondering if the next person passing you on the street is strapped with C-4 and will kill themselves and you because you are "Zionist"?

    Go to Israel, see the victims of 40+ years of terror

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    3 quick personal facts

    1. I love the Jewish people.

    2. I believe they are God's chosen people.

    3. I believe the devil hates them and the Christians.

    Read Revelations Chapter 12. The woman is Israel. The child is Jesus. You should be able to determine the rest.

    3 quick personal observations

    1. I am thankful we are on their side.

    2. I am thankful they are on our side.

    3. Who's side do you think the people who hate them are on?

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    Do you know Iran is financing terrorist killing of civilians all over the world? You are a simple minded fool.

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    1 decade ago

    I am with you on this one,but what can we do about it? The dont give a crap about people like me.

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    SHAAADDUPP ! GEEEZE. americans know that 1% of the population are idiots.

  • 1 decade ago

    And this will never change i guess

  • 1 decade ago

    i'm agreed with your comment dude, you are right

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