speed + hard drive capacity?

how full can a hard drive get before it starts to slow down


I've run spy and ad ware cleaners, virus, chkdisc, removed programs, and defragged. What else can I do to speed my computer back up.

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    Computer Slow

    Download and then run startup.exe (FREEWARE) at:


    Can't live without it and windows...

    Then disable and/or uninstall whatever u don't need.

    Other things to try:

    1 - Disk Cleanup (removal of temp files, cookies, etc.)

    2 - Defrag

    3 - Registry Cleanup (CAN BE VERY RISKY!)




    Computer Virus/Spyware/Adware/Malware/etc

    All FREE...

    Download and then run Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic at:


    Download and then run Spybot - Search & Destroy at:


    Download and then run Ad-Aware SE Personal at:




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    It doesn't matter how full. Your hard drive can slow down from being empty too. Or maybe your hard drive has a severe case of fragmentation. Guaranteed to slow your hard drive down. If your hard drive is slower than 5400rpm that's pretty slow also.

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    Rule of thumb I tell most of my clients is that once you get past 80% capacity it will start to effect speed and performance. Poor perfomance can also be caused by fragmentation, excess heat or a dying power supply.

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    depends on speed and cache (mb buffer or rpm)at 300gb 7200rpm 16mb buffer it stars to get slower and depending on chipset and drive manufacture if you want speed for desk top n-force 4 use segate or samsung sata2 with 16mb buffer in raid 0 for transfer of large file like movies stripe 128k if your using a 945 or 975 intel maxtor is the best price for performance if you r building a server the sas maxtor atlas drive

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    you must retain at least 10 % of free disk space for virtual memory, you mentioned you have softwares for virus and spyware but still your system is slow. some new backdoor virus cannot be detected by your antivirus program, though its updated. try to perform a clean stall of your os.

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