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Is it possible for stem cell researching and abortion to team up? Peeps who want abortion just donate to SCR?

Just a thought, no flames please

im not the smartest person in the world

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    That's actually probably THE main complaint against stem cell research right now (whether that's right or wrong). Many people believe that abortion is morally wrong. They also believe that in SOME people's minds, that donating to SCR would encourage abortions or at least make people think "well, at least something good came out of it."

    To someone who doesn't think abortion is wrong, I would have to explain it something like this: what if the bodies of all murder victims could be used for SCR? How would that effect those who were on the verge of murdering someone already? (Keep in mind that people murder for a variety of reasons, just as people have abortions for a variety of reasons.) In this false scenario, would making it ILLEGAL to use murder victims for SCR actually prevent a murder?

    Source(s): Just FYI...I am a Christian, and I am a physician. I am pro-life. I also think that SCR is the next monumental step in science, and America is missing out.
  • No it isn't. Stem cells have to be extracted usually within 5 days of fertilization. Aborting a fetus much older than that, would not benefit stem cell research.

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    oh, that's why it is illegal in some countries

    the stem cell it self can be regenerated/cloned to full human being with a proper condition, and so you can be replaced from hair to toe

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    that's what they wanted to do in the first place, use donated aborted fetal tissue.

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