what dose bcc and cc mean?

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    CC: Carbon copy. When you send an e-mail out with addresses in the CC box, it will go to all those people, and everyone will be able to see all those names.

    BCC: Blind carbon copy. When you send an e-mail with addresses in the BCC box, it will go to all those people, but the recipients won't be able to see the names in the BCC.


    To: Joe

    CC: Mary

    BCC: Fred

    The e-mail will go to Joe, Mary, and Fred, but only Joe and Mary's addresses/names will be visible as recipients.

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    wow, wonder who will get the best answer here? it kinda like an oxy moron..we have carbon copy answers and as for what does blind carbon copy mean? well I look for the answer now I get it..

    If you are going to send out emails to a mailing list or even just a few people, you should take great pains to hide the email addresses from everyone on the list.

    Usually when someone sends an email to say, four people, they will just list them in the "to:" or "cc:" field. The problem with this practice is simple: everyone who receives the email also receives all of the email addresses. This is wonderful for spammers, but most of us would rather our email addresses were at least somewhat protected.

    You can protect your friends email addresses by using the Blind Carbon Copy field. This works just like the Carbon Copy (cc:) field, except that the email addresses are not forwarded to each recipient. I guess that mean less spam!!! cool deal

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    CC is Carbon Copy. BCC is Blind Carbon Copy. You use CC to indicate you are sending a copy of your message to another person. You use BCC when you are sending a copy but you don't want the first receiver to know you sent the message to a second person.

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    CC means Carbon Copy and

    BCC means Blind Carbon Copy (not visible to the recipient, for e.g.if you want to inform your boss that you have send a reminder to your colleague without letting your colleague know that the boss has been informed you make a BCC)

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    CC mean Carbon Copy. When you 'CC' someone, it is to give them a copy of the email, which is being sent to someone else. They generally are not expected to respond.

    BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. This is the same as CC; however, anyone who you 'BCC' will not have their email address shown. So the main person who you are sending the letter to will not know that you have sent it to someone else as well.

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    CC is carbon copy. If you want to send an email to two or more people, put one address in the "to" field and then the other(s) in the cc field.

    BCC is blind carbon copy. If you want to send an email to two or more people but not have the first person know that the second one got the same piece of mail, use this feature.

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    bcc - blind carbon copy

    cc - carbon copy

    Believe it or not letters and documents used to be typed with carbon paper between the sheets of paper. That was a simple way to get copies. I can't imagine an office without a copy machine (or a computer)! On letters I type, I use a modern notation for who gets copies. xc - extra copy. For example:

    xc: John Doe

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    blind carbon copy and carbon copy.

    If you enter an email address in the cc, it is the same as putting in the "to:" except by putting it in the cc, that tells everyone that the email is not specifically directed to the cc recipient, but that he might like to read it anyway. Blind Carbon Copy is when you want somebody to get a copy of the email, but nobody else who receives the email will be able to see that you sent it to that person. Very 007.

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    RichardH is right

    Carbon Copy means that everyone gets an exact duplicate of the e-mail you're sending (including the list of people you CC'd it to)

    Blind Carbon Copy means that recipients don't see all the people you e-mailed it to.

    From Wikipedia: Carbon copying, often abbreviated to c.c., was originally the technique of using carbon paper to produce one or more copies simultaneously with the creation of paper documents. On an old-fashioned typewriter, this would be done by placing carbon paper sheets between two or more sheets of paper in the machine, so that whatever was typed on the front sheet was copied onto the other sheets. This technique applies to written documents as well.

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    CC means carbon copy from the old school days where you can make duplicate copies using carbon paper. It may not be intended for this person but others intersted are sent a copy.

    BCC means blind carbon copy means you sent a copy without telling the name of the person you sent it to.

    This is assuming you mean from an email.

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