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How are human ashes tramsfromed into diamond?

A lady who's daughter died in tragic circonstences, deceided to tramsform her ashes of her late daughter into a diamond ring.

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    I saw it on the news, they take the ashes & press them down in some machine that does the work of using extreme pressure to form a diamond. it takes nature 100 years to turn coal into diamonds. I'm going to be a diamond someday!!!

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    Yes, it is possible. This is quite new technology so it is a little expensive.

    Right now, the only company that does this is LifeGem

    Once you send the ashes, LifeGem sends it to a lab to have it formed into a diamond. The ashes are then cleaned and separated. Then they are exposed to extremely high heat and use a diamond press to expose the carbon to pressures replicate conditions deep within the earth. A rough diamond is the result.

    This diamond is then cut to specifications. The diamonds are then certified by gemologists.

    They are quite popular for this service and have been in the news.

    News links:

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    I saw that article and showed it to my chemistry class. They were grossed out.

    But chemically speaking diamonds are pure carbon and there is NO carbon in human ashes. All of the carbon of a human body is burned away during the 2.5 hours of cremation.. Only the bones are left, which are then crushed and ground into a fine powder. The powder is mainly calcium phosphate, a mineral called apatite, which also make up your teeth.

    So how they are creating diamonds from bones appears to be a bit of a 'mystery'. They have some explaining to do. And possibly some legal issues to settle.

    I've instructed my children to cremate my body when I die and take my ashes to the top of my favorite mountain in California and spread them there. Not going to make a diamond ring out of me!

    Source(s): I teach chemistry.
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    ashes: if you separate the minerals from the carbon...most of which goes up in flames as CO2 and CO, and if enough carbon is left over, subjecting this purified carbon to very high heat, in absence of oxygen, under extreme pressure will eventually result in a diamond...diamond lattice crystal is very slow to form under the best of conditions, but these are the conditions. Impurities in the carbon will lead to color in the diamond. What you describe is an expensive process, but it is done...I suspect that there is a lot of pure carbon added to the mix, for it takes a lot of carbon to produce a small diamond...very highly compressed. Good luck

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    diamond are transformed out of carbon under certain conditions (high pressure, temperature, long time)

    Diamonds can be made artificially but you get tiny and impure ones. Most likely you have been misinformed and it's just a regular diamond ring, with a small container to put the ashes in.. not making it any less sick to do so in my opinion. Dead = dead.. respect it and get over it.

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    human ashes cannot be transformed into diamond

    ashes are mainly oxidized metals

    you cannot make a diamond out of oxidized metals

    perhaps you could encase the ashes in some kind of glittery synthetic stone, but it woud be a pretty big stone if it had to hold all of a normal person's ash content

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    creating artificial diamonds is a pretty costly process.

    It involves taking the carbon and putting it into a machine that will induce EXTREMELY high temperatures and pressures. This is why it takes so long for diamonds to form naturally inside the earth.

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    Conversion of body mass to high dense carbon by utilising the Temperature and pressure under the earth crust with a long duration.

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    No way , Ashes are having metallic oxides(of K,Na) but Diamond is a form of carbon.U can do it if u are an alchemist.

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    This is achieved by puttint the ashes under an EXTREMELY large amount of heat and pressure....and it costs a TON of money..

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