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I am trying to locate a lady who lived in Oak Ridge and/or Clinton, Tn the last time I seen her, which ......

was about 7 or 8 years ago. Her name at the time was Sandy or Sandra Smith. Her husband's name was Ed Smith they were getting a divorce at the time so she may be using her maiden name which I believe was either Viner, Harness, or Bramblett. She was also dating a man by the name of Richard/Rick Novy who was a miserable piece of crap that promised her if she got a divorce he would leave his wife for her and didn't, then on top of that he got her pregnant and still wouldn't leave his wife. If she carried that baby to term it would have given her either 5 or 6 kids I think. She was like a baby sister to me, she also worked at Boeing and Heilig-Meyers in Oak ridge if anyone could put me in touch with her I would greatly apprecaite it.


She was platinum blonde about 5 foot 8 inches 150 to 175 pouns

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    I've had a lot of luck finding people I lost touch with using the following sites. There is no cost and they can be quite helpful finding addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Good luck.

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