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Why is Israel given all the liberty to do what She pleases attacking defenseless Lebanon and the UN watch?

Please UN do something before Lebanon becomes a desert!!!!

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    Lebanon's defense should be her own problem. She chose to ignore the massive military build up of a non-governmental force in the South and in Beirut. She welcomed the exit of Syrian forces but did nothing to disarm the terrorists in her boundaries. As arms and advisors piled in before and after Syria's exit last year, the Lebanese government stood idle, the people content that their country was enjoying a 'renaissance' (except in the Southern areas). When Hezbollah massed forces at the border, dug bunkers and tunnels to access Israeli lands, shot rockets and killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers, the Lebanese government was fairly silent. The UN is not the global babysitter, in fact their role is genuinely impotent. Lebanon refused to ask for help when it could not rein in Hezbollah. It created a situation where non-governmental military attacks were conducted from within her borders. That could not be accepted by an Israeli nation with a tumultuous election process, the loss of a leader who was willing to give lands to terrorist supporting people and in an environment where the new PM of Israel was going to be tested (and has been).

    Listen, Hezbollah stirred this pot and tipped it over. What do you want Israel to do, set up a picnic table and invite them over for some tea? Lebanon is a MORAL desert, the people there are politically, culturally, linguistically and morally dispersed. They let the cancer of Hezbollah grow within them, and are now yelling at the doctor for how painful the removal has become.

    Each nation has a right to the defense of her boundaries in the face of aggressive and open attack. Israel gave lands and got bombs in return. It's time for the ridiculous rhetoric to end, along with the stranglehold that terrorism has on the Middle East. Enough is enough. The Lebanese, Palestinian and Israeli people should demand peace in their borders, and together they should root out the terrorist elements that prevent them from peace. If you support terrorists or appease them or are indifferent to them, do not be surprised if THEIR actions (not those they attack) harm you irreparably.

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    First of all, who are you talking about, giving Israel liberty ?Israel is an independent nation, and doesn't ask for or need permission from anyone.

    Defenceless Lebanon ??? The govt. of Lebanon gave Hezbollah the okay to use their land to launch missles into Israel, knowing that many civilians will be killed.

    I hope that Lebanon has the brains to kick Hesbollah, or any other foreign army out. The only armed organization in any nation should be their own army. Any other will be big trouble.

    You say that the UN only watches ? Who was watching when the Hesbollah rockets were killing Israeli kids ?

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    The Pentagon lied to the general public approximately the assault at the Liberty from the very starting. In a determination in my view authorized through the loathsome McNamara, the Pentagon denied to the click that the Liberty was once an intelligence send, relating to it as a substitute as a Technical Research send, as though it have been little greater than a army variant of Jacques Cousteau's Calypso. The army press corps at the USS America, wherein a number of the wounded sailors have been taken, have been located beneath severe regulations. All of the reviews filed from the service have been first routed via the Pentagon for safeguard clearance, objectionable fabric was once eliminated with slightly a bleat of protest from the newshounds or their courses. The complete unsightly affair was once blanketed up. Israel is the largest enemy the U.S.A. has, however too many can not feel it, since they're blind.

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    The United States has given Israel a free hand and is actually aiding Israel in her assault with weapons and intelligence because the US has a strong Jewish voter base, a high profile Jewish (Wolferwitz, Pearl ect...) presence in the current administration, and a sympathetic Christian population. The UN has tried to act, but the US has blocked any motion.

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    DEFENSELESS Lebanon!? Never! Poorly managed maybe , but not without an army! If you lived there you would know how kind the Hezbollah are to may not use a computer without your father,husband,oldest son giving permission first! Penalty included!!

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    Because Hezbollah is occupying land given up by Israel with rockets and firing upon them. Besides the UN peace keeping force doesn't do anything but pick up prostitutes.

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    Unfortunately, the United States will Veto any resolution that the Security Council may propose to help end Israel's out of proportion response to Hezbollah's actions.

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    The UN will when Kofit up anon gets his greasy palm greased enough.

    another 2pts 4me

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    Isreal is a 'HE' in the holy bible.....AND leboanon HAD OVER THE YEARS LET THOSE THAT SEEK TO murder/destroy/steal/etc. in without doing anything about 'it' 'they' established themselves while there was peace through the 'back' door.

    Source(s): And 'it' could have been worse....( the build up of the boo'boo's and alkida' types....) guess 'they' don't want to live in peace with thier neighbours...
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    UN = US





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