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CSI versus forensic entomology??

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    Well CSI incorporates aspects of real forensic entomology into their work.

    Forensic entomology is a very useful tool to help solve murders. Insects ahve very specific needs and life cycles. Knowing this applies very well to crime scenes.

    Many Diptera (flies) will only lay eggs on a corpse that has been dead for X hours. The eggs all hatch within a very rstricted time frame, and each instar (larval stage) is predetermined. Wiht the knowledge of the biological activity of these insects, CSI s could determine when a person was killed to within half an hour accuracy. This makes finding out where they were last a little easier, and could possibly tag a potential suspect to the crime.

    Forensic entomology is good for finding out when the murder occured, but it cant tell you who did it, that is all up to finger prints and DNA. Certain insects are endemic to various parts of the world, and if a body turns up with these tpyes of insects accompanying them, then you can tell that the person was killed there, and moved.

    Insects can also work to the criminal's advantage. Disposing of a body and covering it in Dermestid beetles for instance will hide lots of evidence. The beetles will strip all the flesh from the bones and make I.D difficult if the DNA is not on file. But you have to make sure to plan it so that the beetles are gone before CSI finds it or they can use your little creatures against you.

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    CSI seems to serve a better purpose... not that forensic entomology would be a bad thing, that sounds fascinating, but what purpose would forensic entomology serve?

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    well i guess CSI is investigating the crim scene i.e. like blood tracks, finger prints, time of death, cause of death, weapons, etc., then send some info like fingerprints, blood, semen, hair, etc. the the forensic labs where it is analyzed for DNA and other identificationable materials.

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    CSI !!!.

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