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Inserting Tampons ! can you insert two at the same time ?

I have been using tampons for a while. But I have noticed that today It seems to be entering strtange like with some resistance I really have to push it in Could this bee that I have another tampon inside ! It it possible to insert two tampons and forgeting about the first one ?

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  • Mary
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    It is possible, and its dangerous because it often results in Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be fatal.

    As weird as it may sound, you should examine yourself down there, with your hands and maybe a mirror, to see if you can find any other tampons.

  • Anonymous
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    It is possible--it happens all the time (especially if you use those really small tampons.) Straddle the toilet like you are going to the bathroom and push. If there is one already in there you should be able to feel it or the string while doing this. Don't panic. Just push and feel around to pull it out.

    If nothing is in there, the reason you have resistance is that you may be tensing up. Try to relax or lie down while trying to insert one.

    Every woman has had the experience of getting a tampon in side ways. Don't panic. Relax. Or try a pad.

  • Nicole
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    If you mean side by side, then yeah, but if you just mean one after the other, then not necessarily, but even if you did break it, so what. Hymens have to break some time, and they are basically just a pain in the *&%#!. The first time you have sex will be a lot better with it out of the way. It's not much fun when the girl bleeds and cries and makes you stop, believe me. Hymens and virginity are way over rated and they don't hold much value in modern society.They were important in ancient times before DNA testing so a man could be sure that any future kids were his. We don't worry about that so much now, and we have birth control and condoms, so most of the hangups are just left over values from days past.

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    Sure it's possbile! Especially when you use the smaller sizes. There is really nowhere for them to go, however. You should be able to reach the string, or the tampon itself with your fingers.

    Standing, put one foot up on a chair, the toilet seat or the edge of the bathtub. Then, reach between your legs and reach inside your vaginal canal with two fingers and see if you can feel the wayward tampon.

    You can also do this by squatting or lying on your bed with your knees raised toward your shoulders.

    In one of these positions you should be able to retrieve any tampon you may have lost inside. If you can feel it but can not retrieve it, call your gynecologist's office and ask them for advice. It is a common problem, so please don't feel embarrassed.

    Good luck!

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  • .
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    Not impossible, although you'd think there would be some discomfort...take a hand mirror and squat over it and see if you can see (or feel with your fingers) anything else up there...if another tampon is lodged inside you, it could become a serious medical issue...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is probably possible but not very probable. if you are truly concerned that this has happened, go to the emergency room right away. there is a virus called toxic shock syndrome that you can develop as a result of leaving a tampon in too long. go get looked at immediately.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes it is possible to have either forgotten or maybe the string has come off (thats why you always cheeck the string before insertion.) You should really go to the Dr. it is unhealthy it that is the case and you could come down with Toxic Shock, so please go to your Dr. right away.

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    Itabsolutely is possible. I've done it. You'll have to go on your own personal fishing expedition to find it. If you are unsuccessful in finding anything, then yes, like everyone else is saying, you'll have to overcome your embarrassment and go see a doctor to find out what is causing your may not be a lost tampon.

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    Yes it is possible to "forget" one in there. Doctors have to "fish" them out quite often.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG possibly go to ur doctor right away u might have TSS by now

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