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If you had to describe Japan in 5 words, what would those five words be?

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    Pet pooch of American Warpig.

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    #2 Sophisticated

    #3 Beautiful

    #4 Rich

    #5 Hive-minded

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    1) Rich 2) Smart 3) Strange 4) Exotic 5) Expensive

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    Chicken Fried Rice With Brocli

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    -Amazing: Come on, it's Japan!

    -Organized: Public transportation is so reliable, and everyone seems to be heading somewhere. I love the feeling of always moving.

    -Cool: I hate to stereotype, but anime fans are going to die here.

    -Secluded: It's its own place-an island. Their culture is strictly their's and that's why it's feels good to be there.

    -Japan: Yes, I describe Japan with Japan. Why? That's just it. It's Japan!

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    1. Volatile

    2. Extreme

    3. Non-conformist

    4. Dangerous

    5. Threatening

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    Sex,struggle,hit USA,technology,small

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    Describe Japan in just five words?... Okay, I can do that.

    J for jasmine and other fresh fragrances.

    A for apple blossoms... what a kool festival.

    P for pleasant, like the people, themselves.

    A for abalone ...and variety in cuisine.

    N for Nissan and Toyota and Sony and Matsumi and Sanyo ... etc., etc., etc., What industry.!!! What workmanship. !!! Remarkable.!!!

    (A haiku poem may have been better suited, of course, but.... )

    ZZZZ r u randy? ZZZZ

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    Land of the Rising Sun

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    Japan is a wonderful place.

    Japan gave me my fiance.

    Japan makes me smile often.

    Japan has great electronic stuff.

    Not a sentence?






    Source(s): I have been to Japan many times to visit my great friend who will become my wife next spring.
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