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joni mitchell or carly simon?

which is the better? or are there no comparrison with the two? are they equally great musicians? what are some of their classics? Reason i am asking is i heard one or maybe two of their songs and am interested in listening to their music but dont know exactly where to begin, like with what cd i should start off first or if i should just get a greatest hits cd? please help

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    Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell. Then listen to "Raised on Robbery" and try to keep yourself from laughing.

    In the song, she says this to a guy who is escaping from her at a bar:

    Hey where you going, don't go yet... You're glass ain't empty and we just met....Call me when you're lonely I was raised on robbery...

    Carly is much more soulful than Joni but equally as likable. She has redone a lot of classics. Looking at her sing with that great big gorgeous smile is really incredible. My favorite song by her is very touching. She is talking about how you don't miss things until they are gone (no not yellow taxi - That's joni's)... She talks about how she missed a neighbor after she moved and her grandmother after she died: "Didn't cry when granny died, she made me so depressed, and then I found I missed her more than I'd ever had guessed."

    I hope you like their music but the songs I liked the most aren't on their greatest hits. Listen to Joni's Playing Real Good for Free. Think of it next time you pass someone singing on a street corner. I usually do... She contrasts someone singing for free to her singing for 'Those golden curtain calls" and staying at the Fairmont Hotel. I could go on but won't. Thanks.

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    They are both fantastic. Joni Mitchell's lyrics are more sophisticated. Carly Simon's voice, 'tho, is more emotional. Carly Simon is easier to listen to, I think. Both have great songs (Mitchell: Both Sides Now and Simon's You're So Vain are classics, of course). I just got out my cds and LPs! Get these by Mitchell: Clouds; Ladies of the Canyon; Court and Spark. Then you can go on to her others: Blue; For the Roses; The Hissing of Summer Lawns; Hejira; Songs of a Prairie Girl. Now, for Simon. Get these: her very first, called Carly Simon; Anticipation; Hotcakes; No Secrets. There are others: Boys in the Trees; Come Upstairs; Torch; Playing Possum; Another Passenger.

    Happy listening!

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    Joni mitchell if you're looking for more cerebral material. Carly if you want fluff. Whatever you do don't get the new Carly, she's singing standards STINKOLA, not her, just a bad choice in material. I do prefer Joni, who by the way Jimi Hendrix is quoted

    (in a 1969 Rolling Stone Article) as saying was "his favorite guitarist." Any way, have fun it's cool to meet someone interested in seeking out music their unfamiliar with.

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    Carly Simon, hands down

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    Carly Simon. I love her song "Your So Vain" I would get her greatest hits CD. More than likley it will have all her hits on it.

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    I'd say Carly Simon for my taste.

    Even my kids like Carly Simon.

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    Joni Mitchell will surprise you....she is a very talented singer/songwriter, and there has never been anyone quite like Joan.

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    for carly

    a greatest hits package

    for joni

    for the roses

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    I say Joni Mitchell. Her lyrics stand alone as poetry.

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    Carly Simon is the best...my fav is Give me all night

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