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what does du hast mean?

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    'Du Hast' means "you have"

    'Du Hasst' means "you hate."

    They are pronounced the same.

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    Du hast is German for "You have."

    Du hasst is German for "You hate."

    If you are asking because of the Rammstein song, hast can also be used as part of the past tense. Du hast mich gefragt means You have asked me.

    Source(s): Six semesters of college German
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    You hate

    It seems to mean a lot of things depending on what you say after it. But you hate was not one of the meanings in the translater that I used. hast mich

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    du hast is german..

    du hast means YOU HAVE in literal english translation

    du hast means YOU HATE in the band's non literal English version

    Du hast mich -- 'You have me' in literal english translation

    Du hast mich -- 'You hate me' in the band's non literal English version

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    "Du hast" means "you have" (informal German).

    Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt

    You have asked me and I haven't said anything.

    "Du hasst / Du haßt" means "you hate" (informal German).

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    Don't be silly guys!!DU HAST only means "YOU HAVE"

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    If it is german:


    hate is HASS

    german grammar is a little complicated

    ich habe - du hast - er, sie, es haben, wir haben, ihr habt, sie haben. I have, you have, he, she, it, has ..etc.

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    it literally translates into you have.. but if you spell it differently it can mean you hate.. that web site explains the whole song lyrics and give the literal and non literal translations of the lyrics.

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    something like ' you hate ' but i dont think its exactly that (thats just how they translated it for the english version of the song)

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    You Hate - German - Great Tune

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