Is it just me or is Carl Edwards saying he'd like to make Stewart bleed?

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"I've got to choose my words carefully -- if it weren't for the respect of the sport and the people watching and his team, he'd be out there bleeding right now," Edwards said. "That's so frustrating. How can a person make it this far in life being such a jerk?

"I want to like Tony. If you hold that guy up, like if he thinks you held him up, he gets so upset and then he can wreck two guys and give you the finger. That's spectacularly self-centered. I can't imagine being like that."

Oh! Lord! Looks like a long two weeks of "Tony Bashing"!!!

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And you guys say Stewart is bad this dude is a threat to all that is NASCAR

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    Poor Tony. All he was doing is....*coughs*!!! He didn't do anything wrong! What would most people do if they were in his position? THE SAME THING! Do fans forget that money, fan support, respect on the track, and pride are all on the line? Those guys on the tracks are going to do what they have to do to get the best position possible when the checkered flag is waved. Tony did what I think most of us would've done...he moved up in postitions at all costs! Oh well for Bowyer...he was in the way, anyway. But nobody talks about THAT detail. And I'm sorry for Carl Edwards, but I think deep down he knows Tony didn't mean it, and I think Carl's a good enough guy to forgive Tony. And Bowyer should be penalized, in my opinion. Tony didn't do anything bad. I'm not just saying that because Smoke's my favorite driver. I'm not in denial, or anything half that nuts (like some people on Yahoo Answers seem to be saying about Smoke fans!!! argggg!) I think that Tony's just practicing the plain and simple rules of "get the best position you can." All the drivers can relate to that, anyway, and besides....a lot of those drivers do some pretty cruel moves themselves! Don't forget all that, you Tony haters! Tony is his own person on the track, and doesn't care what people think. And why should he? Are all the fans who preach "play nice out there on the track" gonna give him money and nextel standing points because he'll play safe and get a bad position? Hell no! So I don't want to hear any more bickering about Tony...and I'm hoping he'll rule it and then some when he goes to Indy.

    Tony does and always will be the best.

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    I don't think that Carl meant that literally. I think he was just talking about wrecking Tony enough to damage his chances in the race. Maybe he meant to get into a physical altercation, but I have a hard time believing he meant to bleed literally.

    Carl is hardly a threat to anybody. He was upset and said things that he may not have otherwise. Doesn't Tony do that even when he isn't upset?

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    I wish someone would lay him out. He would deserve it. He always talks about how other people drive crazy and he is always the first one to cause a crash. I don't blame Carl for being mad cause now he may not even make the chase. And I hope and pray Tony don't cause I couldn't take another year of hear "Defending Champ Tony Stewart" what a jerk!

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    I agree about him attempting to be like Eddie Haskell or goody 2 shoes. He continuously has the opie taylor smile yet is curiously a free cannon. he's a phony. Even cousin Schrader reported he replaced into out of line very last week. once you omit 100 with 40 3 automobiles on a song injuries take position. Get it Carl. you've led on your share.

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    I know you like Tony. I do too. He's probably the best talent out there right now. He did an incredibly stupid thing though.

    If I had been Carl Edwards, Stewart WOULD have been bleeding.

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    you must have just woke up from some sort of looooooong dream,,,it wasn't that long ago dear ole Tony Stewart was having temper problems,,,anger management he had to take,,,if I remember correctly he almost lost his ride with Joe Gibbs because of his anger problems!!!,,,Ole Tony is no angel! He's made his share of comments concerning other drivers,,race events on the track accidents! and if Edwards did say that,,I'm sure hes not alone

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    Carl can take his skinny little *** down to the 20 garage and see who bleeds anytime they are at the track. Respect my a$$ sounds more like fear, thats just the chicken way out to save face.

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    They need to bring back the good old days where things was settled behind the garage the media needs to let these drivers cool of for at least 5 to 10 min before they shove a camera or mike in front of there face. to Smoke is good for racing i think he's trying to become the next "INTIMIDATOR"

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    Both the guys have tempers, I was surprised to see it out of Edwards...maybe Stewart just caught him on the wrong day or Edwards had it built up!

    Either way I AGREE (write that one on the calendar) it's wrong and won't settle nothing!

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    I would love to see Tony Stewart bleed and then slip and fall down on his own tears after somebody actually raced him too hard.(Heaven forbid THAT should ever happen!)

    He puts HIMSELF on the same pedestal as Earnhardt? Come on, douche-bag...give me a break!

    And as long as you keep posting stupid questions about a stupid driver.........2 points for me!

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