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Does the green day song "american idiot" refer to the dumba$$ in office?

Does the green day song "american idiot" refer to bush? My friend tells me its something else

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    actually the entire american idiot cd is like a story in my opinion:

    Think of the American Idiot Soundtrack as a running movie. "American Idiot" is the introduction of the movie, setting the stage, mood, and feel of the storyline. "Jesus of Suburbia" (J.O.S.) is the main character throughout the American Idiot soundtrack. JOS is the typical white suburban teenager, sick of growing up in his sheltered suburban surroundings, and he starts to question the lies that he's been used to hearing all his life from his so-called rollmodels (Mom, Dad, Brad, and the government). "I don't care if you don't care!" He learns more and more about the real truths of the world, and the lies that everyone seems to be devoted to. Unable to stand the hypocrites and the lies, he eventually runs away. "Holiday" is J.O.S.'s first experiences out on the streets. He's partying and celebrating his new freedom, like he's on a holiday (watch the 'Holiday' video to see what I mean). He walks tall and is confident. He feels he knows how the world works--the evils of American government, religion, and society. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is partly J.O.S.'s "hangover" from his celebration of freedom from the constraints of his old life. If you don't believe me, watch the "Boulevard" video right after the "Holiday"'s playing like a movie, right? Anyway, Boulevard is more that, though. It's also about J.O.S. starting to feel lonlely and misunderstood by everybody. Like why am I the only one that feels like this about the world? JOS's yearning is--> "Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me" He makes his way to the big city alone. "Are We The Waiting" is J.O.S.'s arrival to the city life. "Lost and found city bound in my dreams" I can imagine his eyes big and bright, like a dream come true. He doesn't know what will happen once he settles in the city, but he is eager and can't hardly contain his anticipation. "St. Jimmy" - I agree with those of you that think St. Jimmy is J.O.S.'s alter ego. J.O.S. is in a position to start a new life in the big city, and in doing this, he creates a new identity--an identity that is opposite of all the things he hates about his old suburban life. "Give Me Novacaine" - With JOS's conversion into St. Jimmy, the relics of his old life still bother him. Maybe because he misses his family a little, maybe the big city is not turning out to be a dream at all. Reality is setting in though, and Jimmy/JOS is turning to drugs to help him ease the pain. "She's a Rebel" - Boy meets girl. I can see this scene of JOS/Jimmy just watching Whatsername walk across the room slowly. They both have the same things in common. "She sings the revolution the dawning of our lives" (like in "Holiday"). We can tell that he puts her high up on a pedistal because she's grown up in the city and she has all the qualities that he wished he grew up with. He admires her punk style truly. "Extraordinary Girl" - Boy goes out with girl...But the girl's unhappy with her city life and her image. JOS/Jimmy sees those qualities that she's ashamed of as reasons why he loves her so much. They're both finding out they're not happy with theirselves, but they're finding comfort with each other. "Letterbomb" - Boy loses girl. She sends him a letter breaking up with him and says that she doesn't believe he is who he says he is (St. Jimmy)...basically calling him a poser and challenging him to put his money where his mouth is and back up his words with actions. "Where have all the riots gone, As the city's motto gets pulverized?, What's in love is now in debt, On your birth certificate, So strike the ******* match to light this fuse!" His made-up ego grows so big that she has to put him back in his place "You're not the Jesus of Suburbia, The St. Jimmy is a figment of Your father's rage and your mother's love Made me the idiot America" She's sick of the lies he's created (ironic, yes) and she leaves him and the big city. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Jimmy is left dealing with the pain of losing his girl. He equates this feeling like losing his father a while back. His instinct is to sleep and not wake up until the pain of his loss subsides. "Homecoming" - JOS/Jimmy grows older and eventually loses hope and leaves the big city and heads back to suburbia, killing off his alter-ego Jimmy and turning back into the Jesus of Suburbia. He does this partly because Whatsername wanted to leave the city life and he wanted to see if he could live that life again. Jesus gets a boring, suburban job and daydreams about his more exciting times back in the city. He resorts to watching TV again and wonders if he'll ever see Whatsername again. He left the city for her. The draw of his old city life entices him so much that he leaves the suburbs (again) and heads back to his true home. "Whatsername" - Years later, he thinks about Whatsername and how perfect he thought she was back then, but understands that they both wanted different things in life and has no regrets. Though, the times he spent with her were the best times of his life. THE END

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    I think that by labelling Green Day's American Idiot as treasonous is taking the easy way out. I personally believe the lyrics to this song are a reflection of the songwriters recognition of what many Americans, and more generally North Americans, have become. Complete idiots! It seems "we" (North Americans, since I am from Canada) have become a culture that worships and depends on the media and the fear it pumps throughout society daily. It seems that this song is in fact anti-treasonous because it points out the places where America lacks true "American-ness". For example "All across the alien nation" could refer to the illegal aliens invading America. In the end the lyrics evidently reflect the American individual/ idiot that the songwriter has grown to despise. One that has forgotten or lost the ability to stand up for themselves, not internationally but nationally. One that sees the crumbling of true American values and chooses to do nothing about it but mindlessly follow a leader who is in no position to lead or assist in recovering a nation that has lost its way.

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    George Bush

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    Yes. I am a huge Green Day fan and I do believe it refers to President Bush. Also that it is tellin the truth.

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    to an extent

    but if u read the lyrics, youll see, that its really just all about the whole american system, the government style

    the tabloids and propoganda,


    just the whole ridiculous of things in our nation, mainly political, material, entertainment biz, all that stuff, etc

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    its a song saying they're friggen glad thier not american and that american society sux

    and its a big hit here in america! go figure

    how the hell do u people miss such obvious crap

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    Yup, it refers to Bush.

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    yes it refers to that idiot! but it is also about the american society and how stupid america is.

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    your friend is an idiot, probably one of the republinazis which the song is referring to.

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    that whole cd is garbage they totally went down on the bottom of the pole and are now being boycotted

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