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Is this a safe and a reliable website? Need Help Please?

A good friend of mine needed help buying a pickup bed cover for his truck and he told me If i could find them online. I found a website, , but i do not know of its reliable or safe. How do you know a website is safe and reliable? Have you ever heard or used Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    JC Whitney has been in business forever and a day. I have never had a problem in dealing with them!!

    Source(s): 26 years in the auto business, have been ordering from JCW much longer than that!!
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    As far as a virus infected site, it is not. I have McAffee site advisor and they show the following report in the link. As far as reputable, you might want to do a search on them for problems. I never shopped with them so I dont know, but have ordered things online from other websites with no problem. Ebay is pretty safe too for the most part.

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    JC Whitney has been around for forever....they are a company no different than Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, etc.

    Your Dad probably use to buy stuff from their catalogs when he was a kid for items for his cars...they have been around that long.

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    If your concerned, call them and get them to send you a free catalog snail mail, as most all sites have had available for decades. I have ordered many parts from online sites and have not had any problems at all.

    My favorite site for stuff is:

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    Yeah they're awesome....If you dont want to give credit card info online you can call them and tell them what you want over the phone. Do it that way and they'll allow you to pay by C.O.D.

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    I have, and haven't had any bad issues with them in the past. Then I had lived alot closer to them too.

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    jc whitney has been around for many years... very reputable company, you cant go wrong

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    they are safe and reliable.and you would know if it is or not from personal expirence(sp?.)

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    No, you should cut your loss :) Sorry buddy :)

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