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What's the difference between a MAC & regular PC?

Besides everything being on the opposite side on the MAC, what's the difference? Is it harder to use? What can a MAC do that a regular PC can't? What's it's advantage over a regular PC? Is it hard to learn how to use a MAC?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is just different. Different programming, different operating systems, different overall functions. Macs are very user friendly in that everything is really right in front of you. They are much better suited for graphic design and web design. If you are looking for just a standard use computer than just go with a PC. I say that because Macs are horrible to work on and you cannot get upgrade parts or anything from anywhere bu Macintosh and they are VERY expensive. As long as you buy a good brand of PC, then you will be fine for a good functioning computer that will serve you well. DO NOT buy Gateway, E-machines, Acer, or HP. They are not worth it at all. Most others will serve you well. if you want a good, dependable computer for a decent price, just go with a Dell. Best pre-builts on the market at the moment.

    As far as the rest of your questions, it is not hard to use a Mac, just different. Different key commands, different format, different appearance. Everything is just different. Not worse, just different really. Kind alike learning a new language, it is not worse, just different from what you have now, so it seems hard. PC is one language and Mac is another. It is just as hard to a Mac user to use a PC as it is for a PC user to learn to use a Mac. Just the change that is the problem.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, I'd say it's simpler and more logical to use, but then again, I'm used to it. If you're used to a PC, things will feel a bit strange at first. Macs are designed to be used and explored; I always get the feeling someone at Apple sat down thinking, "what if the user does THIS... what should happen then?" (dragging an icon onto something, or pressing a key while clicking a button, for instance).

    You can do all the regular things on a Mac; word processors, mail, web browsing, chat, burn CD/DVD:s etc, but it's not a great games machine. (nowadays, you actually can run Windows, including PC Games at full speed, but it's a bit tricky.)

    But it really shines when it comes to integrating your digital home movies, pictures, songs etc. iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD is a great software package that's included from the start. I started making home DVD:s five years ago on my Mac and it's only gotten better.

    You need to make sure you have plenty of RAM, get a regular USB mouse if you prefer scroll wheels and two buttons, download MSN if you use it, and buy whatever business applications you need (like MS Office).

    Other than that, you really do have everything you need. Right out of the box!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All new Macs (except the desktop towers) use Intel processors, just like PCs. They all the same standard ports and interfaces (USB, FireWire, IDE, PCI, AGP, DVI, etc.) The 2 Macs that ship with a mouse (PowerMac and iMac), have a 4 button mouse. About the only difference is that Macs run OS X "out of the box" and PCs run Windows out of the box.

    So the question is "what is the difference between OS X and Windows?" and while you are at it, throw in Linux.

    Since a computer is just a tool, any computer professional should be able to accomplish their task on either. Of course, if you switch to a different OS, the GUI is going to take some getting use to (people hate change).

    OS X is a derivative of BSD Unix so many UNIX programs already run on or can be made to run on OS X. I can find just as many programs not available on Windows as someone can find Windows programs not available for OS X. Ask yourself "What programs do you need?" Office is on OS X.

    About the ONLY two propular programs on Windows not on OS X is Access and MathCAD - but there are plenty of alternatives. MySQL runs fine on OS X.

    Source(s): Owned both since the early 80s. Had jobs writing software for both. Own both now, use both daily.
  • ?
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    5 years ago

    quick reply: Macs are most often beautiful quick considering they arrive with best of the road hardware. At the identical time nevertheless, you would undoubtedly get a far quicker and extra robust PC for the identical fee. With macs, you pay for the layout, even as with desktops the fees are a lot higher and extra correct with what they include lengthy reply: pace is relative, a mac isn't quicker than a computer or vise versa, it relies on the mannequin and requisites. When it involves desktops there are virtually countless quantities of variables that end result a desktops layout and function, however the important matters are as follows: processor: most often intel, the quantity of processors (quad, duo, unmarried), the l2 cache and the pace (most often among one million.2ghz(dangerous) and a couple of.eight-three.five (GOOD)) assess how well a processor is. (that is quite fundamental) ram: typically lost sight of, that is the transitority reminiscence to be had for the processor to make use of. It is primary to pace, and with ease upgradable. 512mb-1gb of ram is beautiful gradual 2gb is respectable 4gb is well and 8gb is lots. Hard force: beautiful functional right here, the larger it's, the extra you'll have compatibility on it. 80gb is reducing it near, 2 hundred is respectable, and ample for such a lot persons, 500gb is lots. pics card: that is fully irrelevent until you play video games. If you dont play video games, and also you dont do something like 3d modeling, then dont fear approximately this, or else, the higher the pics card is, the higher you video games will seem, and the smoother they're going to play BOOm seem at that, i over spoke back your query

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  • 1 decade ago

    Old Macitoshes had a powerpc processor while windows runs on i386's.

    The new ones use Intel processors too but they use a new technology called EFI(Extensible Firmware Interface) which prevents Mac os X from being installed on a "normal" pc(based on BIOS).

    Originally Windows Vista was going to use EFI but Micro$oft took out support for that.

    Also Macintoshes are more expensive cause they can only be run on Apple hardware(Apple pretty much has a monopoly on it).

    Also Macintosh doesn't have as many programs and drivers as Window has. However the Darwine project( is looking to fix that by allowing Mac to run Windows programs. Also, Apple supplies Boot Camp which allows you to boot into Windows on a mac by emulating a BIOS-based pc. However you still cant run Windows and Mac at the same time.

  • John J
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Now-a-days there isn't much difference at all. Mac software and hardware is better tuned to graphic and music applications, and often software for those purposes is cheaper. PCs still are easier to customize and can run most operating systems (although with the new Intel chip, Macs are starting to be able to run windows, not sure about other OSes).

    Really it mostly boils down to personal preferences and indoctrinization.

    I personally prefer PCs because software development is easier and the PC is more customizable than a Mac (plus I can run Linux).

  • 1 decade ago

    Some keyboard commands are different. There is an image gamut difference that can affect output - Mac, brighter/PC, darker. Mac has more drag-and-drop functionality. Generally, Mac has simpler ap interfaces. Pc interfaces allow for deeper control, and more error. If you're in graphics, you might consider having both :)

    -A Recovering Mac-Nazi

  • PC usually you could do more things......... EXAMPLE: BURN CD/DVD, MORE PROGRAMINGS

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