What exactly is a "class action" lawsuit?

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    A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that has numerous plaintiffs going against a defendent. You have to opt out of a class action lawsuit in order to protect your rights to sue on your own at a later time. Typically in a class action lawsuit the amount awarded if the case is wond sounds like a large sum, but when divided amongst all plaintiffs it isn't all that much. I would seek legal advice from an attorney if you are faced with the decision of being involved in a class action lawsuit. Good Luck

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    A "class action" is a lawsuit brought by one or more claimants as representatives for an entire group of claimants who have been affected by a common violation but who do not need to participate in the lawsuit in order to be awarded a recovery. A class action suit may occur when many different people combine their similar complaints. This saves court time and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time, and come to one settlement or resolution for all parties. This process creates a procedure for redressing a relatively small claim that might otherwise be too costly to litigate on an individual basis.

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    A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by one or more people on behalf of themselves and a larger group of people (who need not be named specifically in the lawsuit) and who are similarly situated. Similarly situated means that each individual in the larger group has a claim on a similar basis as the named plaintiff filing the suit. Common examples include medical malpractice suits and shareholder derivative suits (lawsuits by shareholders of a corporation against the corporation for any number of reasons, such as mismanagement, misuse of corporate assets and serious errors in business judgment).

    These lawsuits are generally permitted to make efficient use of the court system and legal resources to file and litigate the suit.

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    the class action lawsuit is a procedural device used in litigation to determine the rights of and remedies, if any, for large numbers of people whose cases involve common questions of law and fact.

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    class moves are frequently presented about by legal professionals who sue on behalf of each and every of the plaintiffs, commonly they legal professionals will charge exorbitant expenses and acquire a majority of the declare in frequently contained in the tens of millions. also contained in the tens of millions the must be the damages provided to the plaintiff yet frequently there'll be multiple that you get something to the song of a $20.00 value. the corporation learns a lesson, the legal professionals get plenty and the plaintiffs frequently get little or no. No in case you commence up the action with the legal professionals and do a number of the artwork or case progression besides as figuring out a number of the aptitude plaintiffs you should get somewhat extra on your efforts because the legal professionals ought to reduce you a deal. call the place of work it is beginning the action and tell them you're a plaintiff, they ought to understand this from the information besides the undeniable fact that once you've information and ought to prepare a declare then they could deal you in a slice, besides the undeniable fact that do no longer carry your breath because of the prices they charge.

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    Say someone (a company or person) injured 40,000 people ... rather than have 40,000 court cases, you have one case.

    If you get a fraction of those 40,000 people to sign their support for your lawsuit, then you can actually stand for all of them.

    Any damages won would be distributed among the 40,000. Though the lawyers are more equal than the victims.

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    Filed on behalf of a "class" of people, ie users of a certain product, a certain company, etc.

    Often filed on behalf of all by very few.

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    bunch of people suing together

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