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can an introvert turn into an extrovert?

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    yes, but it might take time.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    Based on personal experience as well as my understanding of personality theory, I don't think an introvert can "become" an extravert -- especially if introversion is defined as "needing alone time in order to recharge" versus an extravert's "needing other people in order to recharge."

    But people can definitely expand, grow, and mature.

    Introverts who are very shy can -- by willingness to remain in uncomfortable situations and socializing even when they feel inept or rejected -- eventually experience some loss of fear (if the experiences were overall positive) and gain enough competence at socializing to feel comfortable and competent.

    I think socializing will still "drain" the introvert, but they will be able to "function" very well in those situations compared to how they used to be.

    I'll offer a personal example: I just spent a week at a spiritual formation conference with 200-300 other people. Ten years ago (if I had even been brave enough to go), I would have spent the entire time alone. This time, because of working at it over the last few years and dealing with some insecurities, I was able to join tables of people I didn't know, converse competently, and really enjoy myself. In fact, I wasn't nearly as drained as I remember being in some situations.

    I am still tired... it DID run down my batteries... but I was able to interact deeply in ways I did not used to be able to and converse as well as any extravert could.

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    alcohol does work

    its said somewhere that "drunken people say what normal people think"

    extroverts pretty much say whats on the top of their minds, and they're loud too.

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    yes often when away from normal surroundings they can change, its one of the reasons peoples behavor changes on holiday. but the change is short lived.

    alcohol can have same effect

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  • of course they can they just have to over come things

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    no, I don't think that one can change completely.

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    yes, simply add gin

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