Where did the stereotype come from that Black people love to eat ribs, fried chicken & watermelon?

It's harmful stereotyping that leads to further segregation of people

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    I'd be more worried about stereotypes concerning criminal behavior, laziness, and drug abuse. I really doubt a predespotion to eat a certain food is segregating anyone.

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    Of all the stereotypes, food preference is hardly harmful.

    and in general everybody who eats meat likes ribs,and chicken

    and everybody likes watermelon, except for weirdos. the stereotype came from southern style foods, where more black people tend to live,and in general these were cheaper foods, that poorer people would eat. so naturally a person is going to eat what is cheaper, readily available, and tastes great.... historically different food types are associated with different ethnic groups, the Irish and potatoes, for instance, where potatoes have been a staple part of the diet in that part of the world, like Asian people and rice, etc. and now that all these different ethnic groups can share the best of what each has to offer, it could actually encourage and facilitate integration and more knowledge and understanding between different people. Segregation and fear and all that negative stuff is a direct result of fear of the unknown or lack of understanding. Knowing the history of people (which certainly includes what they eat as a major part of family life in any culture) only generates a better picture of who they are. Do you not like watermelon, more for me then.

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    #1. EVERYBODY stereotypes. Get over it.

    #2. I don't know how the ribs, fried chicken and watermelon thing happened.

    #3. I DO know how the chitlin' stereotype happened. You see, back in the slave days, the slaves were given what was left over of the carcasses. They had to eat, so they found out that you could either fry or boil the intestines and have food.

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    It's usually due to a geographic stereotype, as most black people were in the south as slaves. I used to live in Georgia though. Doesn't everyone like to eat ribs, fried chicken, and watermelon. Sounds good!

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    Stereotypes are everywhere and only simple minded people go by them. I am black and i definitely don't eat ribsof FRIED chicken, i do eat baked chicken and watermelon. However, i love to eat things like sushi and b/c of stereotypes i'm then labeled as not really being black and bougie (i know i spelled it wrong).

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    1 decade ago

    I don't think it's a stereotype (anymore). Now it's an ethnic cuisine called "Soul Food."

    That's like stereotyping Mexicans by saying they love to eat tacos, tortillas and flan. Let's not forget chilaquiles!

    That's like stereotyping Asians by saying they love to eat sushi, and fried rice.

    Or stereotyping Italians by saying that they love a green and white lasagna, pesto pasta and the pesto is made with extra pine nuts and wild caught salmon baked medium well and served over orzo that is cooked in chicken broth.

    THE FRENCH! A Croque Monsier with pommes frites, and the sauces and wines, I can't even begin to describe them.

    I have to go now, I'm hungry.

    Source(s): I LOVE ethnic food!
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    *Nudge, nudge... Looking back and forth, over my shoulder to see if anyone is looking...* *in a throaty whisper...* "Hey.........Hey, you..." *still looking around...* "Those are three of MY favorite foods.....and.....and...... I'm....CAUCASIAN!!!!!!!!"

    What does that MEAN?!?! Am I turning Black?!? OH, GOD.....Help ME!!!!

    Wait. It's just food, right?....and...Well,...I love to have money...does this mean I'm Jewish?

    Stereotyping only does one thing....make the person who uses it an idiot. People are people and, though they may have certain cultural idiosyncracies, they are still individuals. I don't know if I've met anyone...even Vegans who didn't like the taste of fried chicken....they just won't eat it due to ...whatever...OOPS! was that a stereotype? Vegans who don't eat meat? There are exceptions to every stereotype thereby negating the stereotype, so....unless you believe the stereotype it isn't one...and they (stereotypes) certainly cannot pertain to an entire race of individuals.

    Besides we have so many other legitimate segregations...like "Baptist" and "Republican" and "Tree-hugger" and, well you get the idea...

    Just be yourself...K?

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    I'm not sure about the first two,but I believe blacks were connected to liking watermelon from the fact that there were alot of slaves that used to work in watermelon patches.I believe commercials and the entertainment industry hold alot of responsibility for keeping these stereotypes fresh.

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    technically it's true - EVERYONE loves ribs, chicken and watermelon

    check out this comic for "proof": http://wigu.com/overcompensating/2006/07/hate-raci...

    particularly the newspost: "of course black people love to eat watermelons, watermelons are f*cking delicious"

    to answer your question a little more seriously, the stereotype probably just came about as another way to discriminate - racists were in search of something they could call "different" and stumbled upon this

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    1 decade ago

    Well as a black person, I LOVE to eat Ribs, Chicken and Watermelon...and in the words of Dave Chappelle, if you dont like Chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with YOU!

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    1 decade ago

    From narrow-minded people who do not know any better because yes....stereotyping is a terrible thing. In truth though, it probably stemmed from the African culture and diet... (the slaves)brought over to the Americas by the barbaric settlers and wealthy merchants introduced and maintained their diet here and it has just become synonymous with the black culture. I do not know how old you are but, if you are 17 or so...watch the movie "Crash"..it is a real eye-opener.

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