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Why bash Roman Catholics?

I hate it when people are bashing Roman Catholics. I am Catholic and very excepting. I want to be open and learn about others religions. So why do people feel the need to say that we are close minded and unexcepting. Shutup and get to know me. I have been to other masses and I have visited mosks and temples, and I would love to see more of other religions. When people say "When you want to learn the truth..." is such a load of B.S. GAA! Why do people say that Roman Catholics are ignorant. We are not. We are no longer an unexcepting religion, so why put us down.

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    Well I myself am a Roman Catholic, and believe me I know how its like to be bashed by so called Christians. Yes those crazy fundamentalists who take everything in the bible word for word and forget about the variables of basic human life. I've lost some friends because their parents found out I was a Roman Catholic and they were told to stay away from me. Apparently these Christians saw Catholics as pagan since we believe that we actually have the body and blood of Christ. In my opinion it is very sad that people forget who the original Christians were. Thats right it was the Catholic church. It is funny tho how I have had those insane people come to try and convert me and I just say nope, Im a Roman Catholic if it wasnt for my religion and your leaders hating something about my religion your's wouldnt exist and they walked away like crap didnt think of that haha.

    So far from my experience as a Roman Catholic, I actually see it as the most accepting religion around here. My priests are all great and even say atheist people can get into heaven if they live a good life. But overall when people bash me for being a Catholic I proudly stand up and tell them the truth about catholicism and listen to their religion to show I am not an igronat person who assumes things.

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    I have had plenty to say about the Roman Catholic church - but none of it was untrue. I can provide sources for everything I've said plus more! And the sources are very reliable - the Roman Catholic church herself! (Contact me if you want to read these amazing comments made by the RC church). (The RC church has had some very disparaging remarks to make about my church that AREN'T true, and cannot be substantiated. But because the Pope said so, it must be true).

    HOWEVER - I never include the Roman Catholic PEOPLE in my answers. I have known some really ugly and intolerant and closeminded Catholics - and Protestants and Muslims and Wiccans...

    I have also known some very loving Catholic people. These people have been duped by their church and have been taught to believe what a man says instead of studying their Bibles (not the Bibles that the RC church changed - I mean the real unaltered Bible that the rest of us read). I love some of these people dearly. So please don't think in any of my answers that I am bashing these sweet people.

    By the way, you do know that the RC church defines a heretic as someone who does not believe as they do? Do you also know that the RC church still holds that heretics should be killed? I believe that means that most of us on Yahoo Answers should be killed according to the RC church.

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    Bashing anybody can sometimes be like a sport. The fat boy in the block, you bash him. The ugly girl in the school, you bash her. The skinny good-for-nothing-in-sports kid, you bash him. In general the sport is to bash people who are have an inferior position, of any kind. Now back to Catholics, RC just have a tail that is so long that it is easy to bash them. Take Christmas with the birth of Jesus, he was not born that day, that day was a pagan celebration and smart RC set in Christmas with a different story because they could not get rid of the pagan celebration it was too deep rooted, so they replaced it, with a lie..... The infalibility of the Pope well that is almost a joke now nobody takes that seriously, not even RC but back a few centuries where ignorance reigned the Pope was the ultimate word. Take the Inquisition...... Take the Crusades......Ahhh I almost forgot, take celibacy of the RC priests that one is interesting..... the earthly riches (land) of the Church was being divided among the descendants of the priests because celibacy was not from the beginning.... then, smart RC big wigs cooked up celibacy and very clearly made outcasts of any out-of-the-RC-Law siblings RC priests might have... thus avoiding forever and ever the division of the Church Property, they knew of course that the imposition was against nature so they were forever and ever totally lenient with the "weak" priests who adventured into the world of sex, this is of course well known now, just look at all the lawsuits, and so on and so forth..... it is really easy to bash Catholics. Myself..., well I dont bash RC because I was born one but over the years I sort of made my own personal set of rules and relation with the Almighty hoping......that he really exists...... The bottom line is dont worry about it, if your are confortable with your beliefs, just "give the other cheek" and dont pay attention to any attempts of bashing, much less get engaged in a sour discussion, it is not worth it. In the end it is something like Shakespeare said (lol Shakespeare is also a joke ..... someday when you read in depth perhaps you will laugh too) to be or not to be, but in RC or any religion jargon it is to believe or not to believe, just a personal choice!!!

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    Because these people bashing Catholics didn't really do the research they needed. All, and I mean ALL, of my friends who once were Catholics don't even know the history of the Church!Even those friends who were Bible-Christians insist that this is Catholicism and all that I see is a caricature of Catholicism. So obviously, they get their information from anti-Catholics. Some people read something and don't even bother ask a Catholic his side of things but goes on to label Catholicism as a cult or non-Christian sect. Sometimes it gets funny though coz I had this little conversation with a Baptist pastor and asked him why he believed the Bible as the Word of God and he answered by quoting the Bible! hahahahaha! So see, they're only good at bashing but can't explain even the most basic question.

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    I too, at one time, was a Roman Catholic. I do not think that they are close-minded. They firmly believe in what they know. But what the know will be wrong! However there are many things I learned about my religion that I did not know then. The worshipping of Idols, praying to Mary and the saints, etc. For instance the Bible says; "Call no man Father but the Father in Heaven". You can get my e-mail address so e-mail me and we can talk more.

    Source(s): King James Version of the Bible
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    Catholic priests discourage the study of the Bible by individuals. They think individuals cannot understand the true meanings. In fact, they are largely correct. The Bible can be very easily misinterpreted. And, it would be far better to forget entirely about Mary (an insignificant figure) and concentrate only on Jesus, the redeemer and savior. Jesus and the Father (along with the Holy Ghost) are everything you need for everlasting life and eventual presence with God for eternity.

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    I don't believe you are a Catholic or if you are, you are unaware of a few important things. It is a mortal sin for a Catholic to participate in a non-Catholic religious ceremony. The greatest problem non-Catholics have with our faith is the dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

    People bash us because they can't stand the thought that they could be wrong. It comes with the territory. God said we should fully expect to be persecuted for following Him.

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    Sorry for the hate people feel towards your religion. My mom is Roman Catholic, I am Buddhist... I do not bash other religions... ignorant people will always try & bring others down, it's in their nature.

  • I am a Catholic too and I have come to believe that many are getting their information about us from lies, half-truths, and outdated notions. If their pastor says it it must be true or so they think. I know it is infuriating isn't it? I too am trying to understand others beliefs without belittling them and do not understand the hostility others feel about us.

    Peace Be With You,


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    I hate it when people think there religion or the way they worship god it the right way and the only. Every religion and every body worship in their own way most everyone believe there is a god or so thing bigger there ours but we have difference ideas and I think people should be tolerant of the way other people worship god and I think no religion should be mistreated no matter why

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