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Do you have to have a separate frequent flyer miles card for each airline or can you choose just one for all?

I have a frequent flyer card for United, but can I use that card if I fly another airline? Or do I need a separate card for that other airline? Does this mean I'll have a few miles on each card instead of one big lump sum?

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    United Airline is part of Star Alliance Network.

    That means you can also use UA's card w/ other airlines like: Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana, Austrian Airlines Group, bmi, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Portugal, THAI, US Airways, VARIG, ADRIA Airways, BLUE1,

    and CROATIA Airlines.

    There is also another network that you have to apply for either one of the millage card. It's call Sky Team Alliance.

    They include: Aeromexico, Air France, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Airline, Northwest Airlines, AEROFLOT Russian Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Emirates.

    I only have 2 cards from 2 airlines that I fly most. One UA and one Korean Airline. And i'm not missing out any milleage when I also picked NW and AirFrance :)

    I might miss out other airlines and stuff. It's you who have to ask the airline who they're with so you don't have to waste time to combine your millages together..

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    If you are FFP holder of United Airlines (UA) then you will earn miles with UA and its Frequent Flyer Partners.

    Miles earned are for paid, qualifying flights only. Individual airlines may also exclude certain fares or flights, such as charter or code-share flights operated by other airlines, from earning miles.


    UA partners


    Air China

    Aloha Airlines

    BWIA West Indies Airways


    Qatar Airways

    Shanghai Airlines

    TACA Group

    If you're a Red Carpet Club® or Star Alliance® Gold member, or have your United First® or United Business® boarding pass with you, you will have access to Star Alliance Gold lounges and business lounges throughout the Star Alliance network. See the Star Alliance site for more details on benefits and privileges.

    Air Canada

    Air New Zealand



    Austrian Airlines Group


    LOT Polish Airlines



    Singapore Airlines

    South African Airways


    Swiss International Air Lines

    TAP Portugal



    US Airways


    All the miles earned through partners will be added to your FFP account.

    Happy earning!!!!!!!!!

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    In addition to the Star Alliance, you can transfer miles from one card to another via You lose miles doing it, and the number of companies that take part in the program are limited, but I'll use it rather than have a few miles sitting in one account that I'm just not going to use.

    I flew to Florida for a cruise earlier this year on American, an airline I never use, but the cruiseline picked it. When I came home I transferred the AA miles from that trip into my USAir account on I lost almost half the miles, but it was better to get a few into an account I use than to have 500 in an account I never use.

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