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WAR in Lebanon?

Israel’s Need to Defend Herself?

Self-Defense or an Israeli Blitzkrieg?

What do you think?


Over 100 civilians dead, over 300 wounded.

Update 2:

the query has been asked so that both sides can be debated and hopefully i shall find a thread of logic in what others are saying...because i can`t come up with logic for WAR, HATE and DEATH by myself.

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    The mass media people doesn't always state allllll the facts. I just wish each one of you could take a slight glance on Lebanon. For each person dying in Israel there are hundreds dying over here, innocent lives are being wiped away... they give signals for the people living in a town or city to evacuate it when they had already damaged all bridges and streets and the citizens are left there with no food to eat, water to drink or even ways to leaveeee. They said they wanted to attack Hisbollah, however they are killing innocent civilians that have nothing to do with the war or haven't even approved to it. In each and every country there is good and evil and in each person you can find it don't judge a country by the evil in it!!!

    this year was supposed to be the bombbbb and i don't mean katyousha... I meant that this year Lebanon was supposed to flourish more than ever however the eyes of envy and hatred burned it.. WE SHALL BUILD AND BUILD AGAIN FOR WE HAVE FAITH IN OUR COUNTRY AND WILL FOREVER LOOK FORWARD TO A BETTER FUTURE..

    ""U should attack the Causeeee not the Outcome"""".

    may jesus protect us all

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    Israel has repeatedly dealt with Lebanon's harboring of these militants---said over and over and over again that there was a limit to the harassment and attacks from the factions at play there and once again no one believed them---So now at least some people believe them

    And--show me a war where no civilians casualties occur----it is inherent in war---one of the nasty things ABOUT war---every time there is war the same arguement ---but it is just simply the way it is----NOW LET'S TALK OF HOW MANY INNOCENTS HAVE DIED IN THE SUICIDE BOMBINGS IN ISRAEL---AND THESE INNOCENTS WERE ACTUALLY TARGETED !!!!!

    Poke a stick at a giant for only so long and eventually the giant will wake up !!! But the militants know this---and spuring full scale war is what they're all about any way---they are playing on a premise that ---if they can get the RIGHT war started---all of the Arab states will swing into play and defeat the enemy---actual fact is though--most of the states don't want anything to do with war----they just want to do the talk that keeps the militants out of their stew where they can go on enjoying the life that they already have

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    After watching the BBC recently, I was a little appalled to see the Israeli defence minister state that they will never allow the killing of innocent Israeli citizens by terrorist groups. Last count I heard, over 400 Lebanese have been killed in Israeli airstrikes ( many still missing) while 50 Israelis have been killed by Hezbollah rocket attacks.

    While it is tragic that anyone has been killed in this "war", the defence minister seemed to imply that Lebanese were not as important as Israelis.

    I really think that Israel has only endangered her situation through these attacks, helping promote extremism and hatred toward Israel in the region, similiar to what the US is experiencing in Iraq.

    Though I am not a military expert or political scientist, it seems to me that the US and Israel are playing right into the hands of fundamentalists and terrorist groups.

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    After a lull in Hezbollah rocket attacks, at least a dozen explosions shook the northern Israeli city of Haifa early Sunday, killing at least two people and injuring 15,

    Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz told the Cabinet that the current offensive is not an invasion of Lebanon, but rather a series of limited raids into the area.

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  • Bryan
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    Israel is justified.

    1) Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers from Israel

    2) Hezbollah has stated they will not accept cease fire, and will continue until Israel is eradicated.

    3) Hezbollah has been firing rockets into Israel at the same time Israel has been attacking Southern Lebanon

    4) Lebanon is not completely innocent in this. As part of UN resolution 1559 (2000) In return for Israel pulling out of Southern Lebanon, Lebanon agreed to disarm Hezbollah. The Lebanese government totally ignored this commitment to the international community. By doing so allowed Hezbollah to strengthen it's position for the last 6 years.

    5) Israel honored the commitment to withdraw, and engaged in no further attacks against Lebanon until 12 days ago when their soldiers were taken.

    It pains me that innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire, but this is the nature of any war. Make no mistake about it, it is war. It will continue to be war as long as groups like Hezbollah refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. I am sick to death of the killing innocent civilian indictments of Israel. The reality is that Hezbollah is responsible for the deaths of these people. It may be Israel's bombs, but Hezbollah created the necessity for those bombs. Please people stop making excuses for terrorists. There can be no diplomacy when one side is bent on the destruction of the other side no matter what the cost in civilian lives.

    Leb: I have great empathy for the people of Lebanon, I have no doubt that your suffering is immense. I honestly believe that most of the people in the country of Lebanon are honest hard working individuals who would like nothing more than to live their lives in peace. Yes, I do indeed believe you are victims, but you yourself stated it, there is evil in your country, and that evil is bent on destroying another people completely. You cannot complain about your survival, then fault another country for trying to ensure theirs. This is a statement of unadulterated hypocricy. If you truly want the fighting to stop, demand that your government stop condoning Hezbollah's actions, and appeal for an international contigent to disarm them, otherwise I fear your suffering will continue unabated.

    Persion Boy: Your opinion is exactly why there is fighting today, because rather than acknowledge true terrorism, and call for it's eradication, you condemn the single largest victim of terror attacks in world history. Also the United States has a president, not a prime minister.

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    You quote a LOT of civilian death's in Lebanon, yet you report none in Israel.

    Most of the reported civilian deaths in Lebanon where not civilians, they where Hezbollah members or fighters disguised as civilians. They even where found some of them driving ambulances and red cross vehicles.

    Israel has the ultimate right to defend herself from the terrorist just as the USA did. They have been asked to give up land and freedoms for peace. Lebanon was suppose to disarm Hezbollah and remain peaceful to them. What happened to that peace?

  • ±50%
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    "Israel" is a terrorist regime that is a serious danger for its neighbors and the whole of middle eastern countries.

    US is supported / supporting them for a long time including, giving them WMDs, political supports, etc. So, US is Israel accomplice.

    US prime minister said they want to change the middle east map.

    It means all of these troubles and killing innocents are made as a plan. Actually, invading Lebanon is an excuse to began this plan.

    Since this war was begin by Israel till now, more than 2500 Lebanese civilians are killed by Zionists and almost all the country is ruined by Israel planes and shells that US gave them.

    Israel army drooped several tons bombs and missiles on Lebanon's cities. They had more than 4000 air strikes.

    More than 1/3 of killed people are children and the rest of them are ordinary civilians, including men and women.

    US and Israel want to eliminate all the protesters in independent countries. They don't want peace.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    israeli blitzkrieg. ps the UN isnt an army that can just stop stuff and whenever they try to do something like make a ceasefire the US will use its veto power. ALWAYS. hopefully the middle east will come down after this

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    First I want to correct your numbers, I just heard that 350 dead already to the day!!!!! that is not self defense, they ruined a country for the sake of a group who do not have a location or a country, they are killing lots of children instead of running after the real enemy, they are bombing food and medicine trucks, they are isolating villages leaving it's people without food or water, there is no drinking water, please tell me what Hezbollah has to do with that? it is so unfair.

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    Israel has little choice. It will take a strong UN to actually do something positive to prevent more war

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