about the political situation of Ethopia agianst Somalia?

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    Almost nothing the previous poster said is true, other than there are in fact countries called Ethiopia and Somalia.

    Somalia suffered a coup in 1991 overthrowing former dictator Siad Barre. Since then no clan/tribal based warlord has been strong enough to control the country, or even the city of Mogadishu. The norther third of the country is united and stable (calls itself Somaliland).

    As for Ethiopia, the eastern third of the country is full of ethnic Somalis, so there are a number of organizations operating there who want to reclaim that territory for Somalia and gain autonomy from Ethiopia. So somalia has been a source of Ethiopian instability for decades.

    Now that the Union of Islamic Courts have taken over Mogadishu, Ethiopia is worried that as Somalia becomes more united it will have more ability to affect Ethiopia. Hence Ethiopia has an interest in maintaining the previous (well, current) fractured state of Somali politics.

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    Hmm...ok, lets start with Somalia, i know more about her then i do Ethiopia

    Somalia was a stable, democratic nation until the growth of the Warlords in the early 90's. American-backed, they rose up against a left-wing government and the nation has been in ruins ever since.

    The UIC, Union of Islamic Courts, are a coalition of radical Islamic groups who are focused on turningthe warlords out of the country and rebuilding Somalia. Some of these groups believe in Sharia Law but most do not, they simply want to rebuild the nation, althought with them in control.

    Ethiopia is a half nation, half christian and half muslim. Until now, they have had no troubles with tension, they are a very secularised country. However, with the emergence of a Islamic nation on their borders, their terrified of religious hatred being stirred up.

    Also, these two nations have hated and feared each other for years, this is just the latest battle between them,

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