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Israel gonna erase Islam?

Israel have ability to do so in 3 days?

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    Israel will never erase islam. The mere notion of that is impossible. How can a nation erase an entire religion spread around the world. Israel is a nation made up of many peoples: Jews, who make up the largest group, but also Christians and Arab Muslims (Palestinians not included). Israel has each of these groups represented in its government and they would never as a whole try to destroy Islam.

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    What do you exactly mean by erasing Islam? Wiping it out? Nothing in the known universe is able to do so. Because it is saved by God Himself. What is Israel then?

    Islam firmly says that it will prevail on the earth until the end of time. So don't worry. No one can do that, nor even can get close.

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    YES. But for a different reason that you are probably thinking.

    Jacobs name was changed to what?

    God is going to wipe Islam away. Yes. Not Israel per sa.

    God is going to do the final wipe of anything that is not Christian. period. ok?

    Today? no Tomorrow? no

    .To answer your question. Yes kinda. Israel will shed Islam terrorists, one way or the other. and you know what is the funny thing? Islam is not going to do one thing about it, except pout and sniff.

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    It is an irony that the essence of Israel is embedded in the heart of Islam. The essence of Israel is connecting with the CREATOR and OBEYING HIM. All Muslims, all one billion of them love Moses and respect him. They also love and respect Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, David and the other great ones of Israel.

    Many Israelies unfortunately are atheists and agnostics who believe Moses is a story, who say Torah is made up, yet they pretend to represent the LOFTY ISRAEL that the Lord has blessed through the ages due to the WISDOM of the UNITY OF THE MOST HIGH, due to the Wisdom of the sages of Israel.

    How can those who have gay parades in direct contradiction to the injunctions of the Torah and pretend to be ISRAEL.

    Muslim terrorists who tear up the Quran which says in 5:32 "Killing one innocent soul is like murdering all of mankind. Saving one innocent person is saving all mankind"... (the context is of the killing of Abel by Cain, through which Abel's coming generations in the millions were also slain).

    In my personal view just as the Muslim terrorists do not represent ISLAM, this secular and racist Israel does not represent the essence of the LOFTY PATH of the PROPHETS OF ISRAEL.

    Had Israel been created on the lofty principles of Abraham, who was ordered to settle in Canaan, Israel too would have brought peace to the locals. When Abraham settled at the order of the ALmighty in Palestine, he bought land, bought wells and caves and made pacts with the locals in friendships and of joint self defence. Abraham brought mercy to the people he settled with. God gives and does not take unjustly, even though everything is HIS. In a similar way truly godly do not abuse the weak or steal from others in the name of God.

    Muslim terrorists and secular Israel in my personal view are both an insult to Islam and Judaism respectively. After that Allah/YHWH/God alone knows.

    In my view both secular Israel and terrorist Muslims are going to wipe each other out. It is not going to be pretty. May the Lord guide people to choose peace.

    May the Good Lord guide me if I am wrong, keep me firm if I am right. Amen.

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  • Bael
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    Not even close. Islam, despite the idiotic radicals who perpetrate crimes in its name, is as valid a religion as christianity or judaism. Not only is Israel not going to erase Islam, by all rights it shouldn't. Islam isn't responsible for the crimes of terrorists - terrorists are. And to be completely honest, I don't think it was ever in Israel's best interests to combat Islam in principle.

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    Israel has an ability to defend itself ...but to erase islam that is impossible !

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    uh, no.

    first of all islam is spread all over the world.

    secondly israels military is powerful but not enough to take on the whole arab world, which covers nearly all of the middle east and north africa, and some of southeastern europe... and indonesia.

    thirdly, no war has ever been won in three days. even desert storm took a matter of weeks when we badly outclassed an unprepared enemy.

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    They carry to the'firstborn' yet forget approximately approximately adult adult males like Cain, Esau, Ham, etc. yet they knew that the "firstborn" did no longer constantly be the "inheriter", They RUN from EX 3:13-15;,,& Ex 6:2-8 and are uncovered with the aid of Psalms eighty 3!! They COVET their a million/2 brothers land. and did I point out Gen 17:19;,,21;,, even Gen sixteen;, which covers Hagar & Ishmael? Or gen 17:21? yet right here comes mohammed and calls Moses, Even YHWH a liar, even attempting to alter YHWH's own call! Why then, won't they talk THAT!!!

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    No, Israel isn't going to erase Islam. They are going to wipe out Hezbollah. You need to read and educate yourself before asking stupid questions.

    I just felt this needed to be said, again.

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    Israel can and will open a can of whoop a s s, but they have no desire to erase Islam.

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