what's the best most thrilling football game you have ever watched?

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    Super Bowl XXXIV Rams over Titans.

    The Rams were up 16-0 early in the third quarter and on the way to a rout when the Titans came roaring back on the legs of Eddie George and Steve McNair. Two touch downs and a field goal later it was all knotted up with a little over two minutes left. Kurt Warner comes on the field and connects with Isaac Bruce for a 73 yard touchdown on the only play of their last possesion to take the lead 23-16. This was good and bad because the defense was already tired and they got off the field for basically one play. The Titans last possesion seemed like it took forever with all the penalties and time outs and the Rams D was really sucking wind. The last play of the game was decided on a tackle at the one yard line on a quick slant play to Dyson and Mike Jones was just able to wrap him up with no timeouts left. I was climbing up the walls anxious for the game to come to an end before the Titans would possibly score the game tying touchdown. Just so happens that the most gut wrenching game I ever watched in my life is also the only Super Bowl Championship for my Rams.

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    I would say 2 games. In the 1998 Wild Card game between the 49ers and the Packers where the Niners/Eagles killing receiver caught a last second pass from Young to beat the cheese heads. Another was this years National Championship USC vs Vince young.... i mean texas. That game is without a doubt the best FOOTBALL game i have ever seen. No other game, maybe USC vs Notre Dame, had that type of hype and lived up to it.

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    NCAA: Texas/USC Rose Bowl 2006

    The NU-Miami Orange Bowl in 84 was not quite as good a game, but that call by Tom Osborne to go for two rather than tie has to be the gutsiest call ever made by a coach.

    NFL: The SuperBowl where the Rams beat the Titans, but Titan WR Andre Dyson placed the ball on the 1/2 yard line as the clock ran out.

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    The worst most thrilling game was in John Elway's rookie year when they pulled Craig Morton out of mothballs with about 4 minutes left to put down the Seahawks 28-27 from a 27-0 score. It was a Montanian case of surgery. Poor baby Seahawks!

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    I gotta go with some people on here with the USC ND game last year, but I came on here to highlight the entire Chicago bears season of like 5 years ago when they finished 13-3 behind the arm of future hall-of-famer Jim Miller (jk) but those were some sweet games, multiple in which Mike Brown ended the game in overtime with an interception return for a TD. And I'm biased as a young bears fan, but there were some sweet games that year

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  • The insane playoff game between Miami and San Diego in the 80's. Sand Diego went out to a 24-0 lead, only to wind up getting tied by Miami at 31, back and forth they went, with San Diego winning in (double???) OT. Kellen Winslow was carried off the field, exhausted. My other pick would be the famous comeback game between the Houston Oilers and Buffalo Bills, with the Bills overcoming a huge (31 points, or some other insane number) deficit, courtesy of their backup QB Frank Reich.

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    January 1, 1984 Orange Bowl - University of Miami 31 - University of Nebraska 30. It all came down to Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne deciding that a tie is not good enough. They went for two, and the pass was knocked away.

    It put Miami on the map, and put Tom Osborne on par with the greatest coaches in the game.

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    my favorite game was either the first pats super bowl win, or

    I cannot remember the year but it was one of those years where the pats were like 3 - 13 or something. A few of my friends and I were a little dive bar in Hanover, MA watching the pats play Miami (I have always hated the dolphins) and Mr fourth quarter (known now as Drew bledsoe) brought the pats back and beat the 'phins on the last drive. It was a meaningless game but the bar was packed and it was like the whole bar knew that they were watching Drew became the great QB he was for a short time right then. Everyone went nuts like they were at the game, the energy in that little bar was incredible. that was one of the most memorable games for me.

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    It wasn't an NFL game but a CFL one. Last year's Grey Cup here in Vancouver was insanely great thrill a minute with Edmonton beating Montreal in OT. Best game I have ever seen live.

    As far as NFL, the game that blew me away on TV was that recent Browns-Bengals game where they went over 100 total points. That was a wild one.

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    2002 Florida State vs. Miami U.

    2003 Ohio State vs. Miami U. National Championship Game

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