Can someone PLEASE tell me what happens in episode 1, Series 3 in Las Vegas!!!?

I don't have Sky and have been watching series 1 & 2 on DVD. I've just left it with Danny's Dad being killed in a car crash. Mary going off with lover boy in Hawaii, Nessa & Delinda going to London to find Father, sister etc being tracked by someone sinister, Mike going off to sing with his "Aunty" on tour and the Monacedo (don't think I've splelt that right!) being imploded!! Goodness knows what happened to Ed! You can't just leave me like this!! I'm gonna have to wait months for series 3 to come out on DVD and I just HAVE to know - NOW!!!

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    In the third season premiere, Ed's got major problems as the revamped Montecito struggles to finish work in time to re-open on new boss' Monica Mancuso's (Lara Flynn Boyle) schedule as he also tries to lure back Danny and his former staff to prevent a suspected "smash-and-grab" heist that has hit other casinos. But convincing Danny and the gang proves to be difficult since each has his or her reasons for leaving, and what's more, Ed suspects two construction hard-hats are planning an inside robbery once the Montecito's doors swing open again amid much fanfare.

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  • and carrying on what laney says they manage to stop the robbery and everything is well again but then at the end they find out that they had counterfeit chips and that is where they left us

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