How Can Derek Jeter Possibly Be Overrated?

He has won four World Championships in his first five years, is among the top five active players for highest career batting average, and has the most hits in the Major Leagues since coming up in 1996.

If Derek Jeter is overrated, show me a player who isn't.


I was waiting for someone to post the league's poll earlier this season, Dakota. I believe players like Jeter and A-Rod were among the front-runners, along with some other brilliant and consistent players. The fact is that there is jealousy in the game and that players can say anything in those polls without being singled out. Most would give anything to be in the positions of the players they deemed "overrated."

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    No way is Jeter overrated. Show me 1 short stop in the past 10 years you could HONESTLY say you would rather have on your team? Michael Young could be a good pick but that certainly does not make Jeter overrated. That's Obsered to even put his name and overrated in the same sentence. He is arguably the best shortstop in baseball and his over all numbers since he came into the league will tell you that. Who's done better?

    Source(s): Ozzie Smith - 9396 at bats - 2460 hits - 28 HR's - 262 Average Cal Ripken Jr - 11,551 at bats - 3184 hits - 431 HR's - 276 average Derek Jeter - 6534 at bats - 2063 hits - 175 HR's - 316 average Other accomplishments - Awards • 1996: American League Rookie of the Year • 2000: All-Star Game Most Valuable Player • 2000: World Series Most Valuable Player • 2002 ESPY: Play of the Year • 2004: American League Gold Glove at SS • 2004: American League Gold Glove at SS • 2005: American League Gold Glove at SS
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    I am a Braves fan and I have a lot of respect for Derek Jeter. He plays hard all the time and is deserving of being the Yankee Captain. He is an outstanding leader, an outstanding fielder, and a great hitter especially in the clutch. No Jeter is not overrated at all! I believe he will make it to the Hall of Fame someday.

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    I am so with you on this one.

    Steinbrenner didn't pay $200 mil for Jeter and quite frankly sick of hearing whiners about the money.

    Money can't make a team play as a team.Obviously.

    A-Fraud is overrated!Jeter is amazing and isn't asking for a ridiculous amount of money to keep playing a game he loves like SOME players are.

    Jeter deserves all our respect since his numbers prove how great he is.

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    Jeter is definately not overrated.

    He is one of the best hitters in the game at this point, i mean nobody has reached 2000 hits faster than he did and he will reach 3000 easily and he jsut might reach 4000, ya never know.

    I am a red sox fan and i like jeter as a player, he is a model athete and a good all around person.

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    Derek Jeter is NOT overrated!!!! For people who are saying he's overrated, you have major issues!!!! He will definently make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame someday. He knows how to play the game right, he's a great captain, a great shortstop and a great hitter. DEREK JETER IS THE BEST SHORTSTOP EVER!!!!!! He always has been and he always will be, no matter what!!! :-) :-)

    Source(s): Derek Jeter Rocks!!!!!!!!! :-)
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    Let's see him put up those numbers without 7-8 other guys that are all-star caliber surroundig him in the lineup. When you fork out $200 million a year in payroll, you better have several championships to show for it. Nice guy, good player, but VERY overrated.

    Player that isn't overrated? Vlad Guerrero, Ichiro Suzuki

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a big Red Sox fan, and I respect Jeter. He's a good hitter, great defense, good speed, smart, and I've heard he's a really nice guy. He is a true leader. He is not overrated.

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    he is a solid player who has had the fortune of several timely hits. His defense is above average but he doesn't put up eye popping numbers. He'll give ya a .310 average 20 HR's 80 or so RBI's, to me that's pretty average. Take him out of New York and he's a run of the mill SS

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    there is no way in hell derek jeter is overrated he is going to the hall of fame no doubt about it and other players are overrated but jeter isn't

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