Do Israel really has the right of presence??

Do Israel really has the right of presence???

I started reading the history of this region

and i found that there was no Israel before 1984

is this right that Israel is parasiting in the area of middle east as muslims says??

Is this right that Israel is an illegal country??

plz tell me with reasons

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    Israel actually became it's own nation right after WWII. That was in the late 40's not 1984. Not sure where you looked that up. There never was a Palestinian people until after the modern creation of the country of Israel. Most of them are Jordanian by descent. The arab countries want them to be seen as refugees to be a thorn in Israel's side and hopefully provoke a conflict. Looks like they did it didn't they? Israel got most of it's land from Britain after WWII and privately purchased the rest after that. Britain gave over 90% of the land to the Arab countries and just a little to Israel. The Palestinian people first came to Israel as workers when Israel was building and prospering during it's construction. It does not seem that Israel has a problem with them as they were willing to give them jobs that paid enough for them to leave their home countries. It was later in the 50's and 60's when muslim leaders started provoking the current strife that problems started occurring.

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    Israel existed 2000 years ago. If the Palestinians and Hezbollah

    don't learn to exist with them without starting fights continually, they will be destroyed. All the other Arab counties except Iran and Syria don't want to deal with these guys either. If a war broke out with Iran and Syria entering with Hezbollah the US would have to come in on the side of Israel, with NATO W/O France.

    I understand why people are against Israel, all the world News Media show are pictures of destruction in Lebanon, we never get all the destruction and deaths in Israel The World Media are on Hezbollah's side. Israel has had to put up with this since 1948, why, because people don't like Jews, what else could it be. Surely not that more die in Lebanon then Israel, it's war that's what is suppose to happen that's how you win. Look at all women and children who died in WWII.

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    Well this is very true that Israel was not on the world map before 1948 (not 1984; i believe thts a typo). They just entered the holy land and conquered it. I believe that it is as holy land for Jews as it is for Muslims, but the way they have conquered it shows a country which leads in terrorism. What Israel is doing these days in Lebanon, if anyone happens to see the real pictures, which is not covered by the media just to hide Israel's war crimes. I have seen some very disturbing photos this morning, and all I can say that a day will come when this land will be turned upside down for the crimes they have carried on the innocent people. I know many will say that Hezbollah started all this, and I agree with this as well, that they started by kidnapping two soldiers, but carrying out attacks on innocent civilians doesn't justify that. Let me tell one thing, if Syria is brought into this conflict, and Iran then jumps into it, it will be definitely start of the World War III because Lebanon will be also using its army, which they hasn't yet. And if counties like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Jordan comes in, Israel will be taken out of the world map. Israel is small country with huge military power, but its the area which counts, and Israel is just surrounded by its enemies. It will just take a day for a country like Pakistan to use its nuclear technology and burry the Israelies in that land which they claim is theirs. I am also aware that America will try to take benefit of the conflict, but let me assure you, America cannot even think to fight against countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia because of its benefits it has in these countries, so it will always try to be in good terms with it.

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    Israel was founded on land which belonged to muslims. Britain and America supported the stealing of land from muslims and it being given to jews (as stated in the balfour declaration).

    However, the jews also have a right to a national homeland. If America were to stop funding Israel;_ylt=AhBKz...

    and iran stop arming Hezbollah, then there would be a legitimate chance of two peaceful states (Israel and Palestine). But as you can see right now...FAT CHANCE.

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    If you have the right to live in this world. so is Israel.

  • Anonymous
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    Israel has created happock since its forced existed in 48.

    The most peaceful place on earth for centuries turned into a battle ground thanks to Israel.

  • Anonymous
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    Very often. The more powerful country decides the fate of weaker ones. Truth hurts

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    R U kidding me??!! WHat school do you go to so that I wont send my kids there? And by the way, any idiot can write a book. You mean to say like if you dont have a birth certificate, you do not exist??

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