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Who will win the FIBA world basketball championship?

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    killer roster

    they're mad because people are questioning them

    good coaching

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    No... it's going to be Argentina vs US in the finals and Argentina will win. Team USA has the most talented team but its gonna be hard to share the ball between Kobe, Lebron, Wade & Arenas (LMAO..... Kobe). Argentina on the other hand has been playing together for the last 10 years & they play like the old Lakers Celtics teams from the 80's. I want SCG to go all the way though but they are too young. (Maybe next time)

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    USA for sure. Lebron, Wade, Carmello, Amare...the list just goes on and on. We have a talented group of guys that are unselfish. Our last USA team lacked team play. Coach K noticed and picked out great players.

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    Don't know, but it is going to be good. And they don't have Kobe this year. That makes it even better, because nobody will hog the ball.

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    I will win

    come to cave celebrate

    build fire

    cook animal

    make noise with sticks

    dance around fire

    make more noise

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    team USA will doubt.

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    spain or italy

  • 1 decade ago

    the what?????

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