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Why are most songs LOVE songs?

Why not any songs about sports or anything?

I am not saying that EVERY song is a love song... but MOST songs are love songs

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    True..... i can see where your coming from. Even a lot of songs that CLAIM to be rock n roll and metal songs have something to do with love. All country songs, r& b song and even the rap songs are about love. I have never really thought about it before but when people go around singing with their ipods in their ears they are usually singing about a big breakup or how they're gonna get they're girl back. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I greatly appriciate it, It gave me something to THINK about.

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    I think sometimes songs sound like love songs (this is depending on what sort of music you're listening to of course) but really they've been written about something completely different. They're just in a 'love song' format because people relate better to it

  • Andrea
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    Everyone loves to make love. When I am in the mood, you better believe that I want those love songs around. I always love to listen to love songs whenever there are some nice guys around or when I am in a relationship.

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    yeah, most people make love songs so people will sing them to thier significant other. but there are some songs about sports

    Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push (skateboarding)

    Dropkick Murpheys - Time To Go (hockey)


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    maybe its because a lot of people can relate, and it actually attracts people to listen to it. its just more of understanding the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

  • Anonymous
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    Because love is the greatest emotion that drives the human spirit - to create, to conquer, to achieve, to win.

    Whether it's love of individual people, love of country, love of nature, love of beauty, love of self, love of helping others, or - just love overflowing and hope to inspire love....

    It is the essence in us that came from our creator and common background that makes us human.

    And, it's natural to vocalize it.

  • because love is what most people can relate to,

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    Why that would be because love is so inspirational, of course.

    'nuff said?

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  • Joose
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    thats what sells

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