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I am a FMCG distributor. What should I give to my dealers, to whom I need to sell my product?Budget Rs.20/unit

I am a Distributor to Nestle India Ltd.

We have a product Nestle Eclairs 3.44kg Jar. Its price is Rs.351 to the dealers to whom I sell the product. The Dealer makes Rs.420 by selling it.

I have been given a target of selling 2000 jars in my distribution area.

I am also given extra trade scheme of Rs.20 per jar to be passed on to the dealer.

Now the problem is, by passing over the cash incentive the dealers (280 total dealers), they are not as motivated to buy more Jars so that I could achive my target.

So instead of cash incentive what else I can offer these 280 dealers so that they could help achive my target of 2000 Eclairs Jars.

Remember my budget is Rs.20 per Jar and my dead line is 28 August.

P.S.: I could offer some cash incentive to the best idea that could help achive my target.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    why don't u offer some free jars instead of incentives

    it would earn a better profit and also increase their enthusiasm

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