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please, make me feel better???!!!???!!? story?

I am in this show and everything KEEPS going wrong!

first one of the leads quit....then our choreographer just stopped showing up..our show is in TWO weeks and the theater we were suposed to have it in got hit by lightining and the light WONT WORK for 30 days so we have to quickly find a new place, practice there and move the set.

Not to mention WE ARENT READY!

Do you have any stories worse than this one that happenend to a show you were in...PLEASE TELL ME??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I hope you didn't say the name of the scottish play!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was an acter in a theater. We had to perform Romeo and Juliete. I was Juliete and some other guy was Romeo. 2 weeks before the show nobody gave me a script. So I asked Romeo for the script but he's like 'If we make out you can have it. I remember the lines already just by thinking of u and me' no way! Than I got the script I remembered all the parts except for the one where we kiss. 1 day before the show. I had to get the costume the shoes, and oh yerh I had to memorize all the lines. When suddenly the derector had phone call and said that the directors boss is on his way for a preview! Ahhh like. And we had to show the show for him personally. Well, my best friend she got the script (she works there!) and rote the words on the cardboard so I would read it up. Well, than the kiss is up. I'm like 1/2 falling and he is like holding me. he starts to stretch is his lips forword when all of a sudden he lets go, I fall he falls and all the stage crew goes down and I twisted my ankel. I went to the doctor right away because I am the only hope for the show. I am better.

    March 13, 2005 - (theater)

    6:00 am. in the morning.

    I wake up rush to the theater and you know what nobody was there. To help with the stage. Well, I start fixing up. At 3:00 p.m. everybody rushes in starts to help me when I am almost finished. Then everybody's costume is like ripped and all the lights are gone. Somebody was in the theater. The show will start in 3 hours. I rush to the store to buy new costumes for everone.

    5:45 p.m. - (theater)

    I just came from the shops gave out the costumes everybody starts dressing. In 3 minutes the show is about to begin, when I forgot to buy my costum. I take the riped one put it on as if it is soposed to be that way and go on stage. We start the show when we can't find our derecter, Romeo, citezens and everybody and there are like 3 people and me ready to start the show. WE are starting the music when there is no disc, the curtins and the stage starts falling. the lights aren't even there. It was a disester and I was fired for all that hard work and playing all the parts by myself. And they own me 5,000.39 $ for the costumes.

  • 1 decade ago

    I driected a play once for amateurs and two of the actors told me two nights before the dress rehearsal that they wouldn't be coming to it because they were performing in something else that evening!

    The set designer announced two weeks before curtain up that despite her best efforts she hadn't had any ideas for the set after all. It was described in detail in the script but she said a true artist would never just copy someone else's ideas. Even the author's ... Anyway someone's boyfriend was an art student in need of a project for his portfolio and he did a wonderful job in record time. His predecessor came to see it and said at least it was better than playing against bare tabs.

    We ran the play for a week. It was Stoppard"s "Arcadia". It was full of sound cues. After the first night the sound technician said she would be away till the last night and hoped it wouldn't cause any inconvenience. Guess who spent the rest of the week at the sound desk.

    The play was also full of lighting cues. On the last night someone backstage brought in a coffee machine and plugged it in in one of the dressing rooms. The stage lighting went bang and fused beyond redemption. We did the whole play under the working lights, which were stark neon strips. Funnily enough the sound circuit held, otherwise I'd have been on stage doing the effects myself.

    One of the actors, an adolescent boy, had natural talent but decided in the middle of the week that acting was rubbish. He held in there till the end but his performance and characterisation became highly experimental from that point. It was quite exciting to watch in an alarming sort of way but the other actors had a rough time whenever he was on.

    One of the guys who came to audition refused to accept a part he would have been good in because his wife, in her late 50s, wasn't cast in the lead role - a girl of 13 (the role, not the wife). I tried to explain that girls of 13 tended not to have grey hair and he said I had no vision.

    This kind of thing is par for the course with amateur theatre, of course.

    Curiously enough the audience loved it and the run was sold out from start to finish. So if you have commitment, which I'm sure you have, and half-decent material, I'm sure your production will come out all right in the end. It's when everything goes smoothly that you need to start worrying. The most beautiful flowers grow out of manure.

    "Arcadia" is an indestructible masterpiece, by the way.

  • 1 decade ago

    One time I was directing and was playing the lead and was writing the songs and this girl kept going behind my back and changing all the songs and then getting credit for MY songs! Then on the day of the show, she completely replaced the song I wrote for her with her own STUPID song. As if this wasn't enough, there were about a million people forgetting their lines during the show. I had to prompt so many people and it made it look like I was the one forgetting MY lines! I was so flustered I went on stage too early. It was humiliating.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well...I don't know if it's as bad...

    But this past spring, I was in a play and we did opening night and everything was ok. We still had two more nights but after that our lead and one other person quit on us! We had to perform the next two nights still. We didn't have understudies since we're such a small group so we had to find two people who had to go on stage w/ scripts. One of the replacements even had terrible problems with stage fright and he had to find him non-drowsy nausea meds just to help him through it.

    It was rough.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry to hear.......

    Well i dunno if this will make you feel better .....but I was in a show that was one week away from showtime and we found out that the building we were using was not safe.. we thought okay no problem we got another place...thats the one thing i loved about our director he always had a back up plan..... but with a man who smokes so frequently ..he died of a heart attack :-(.... and if that wasnt bad enough we couldnt find two of the leading actors, only to realize that they left our show to go to another show for a lesser part

    I couldnt believe what was happening.... of course everything fell apart after that

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, when I was performing a play for my school, the leader forgot to assign understudies. The main character (Cinderella) got sick, as did her evil stepmother (not that that was bad). Then, the props manager got sick, along with the cabel manager!

    And then the lights nearly fell on top of someone when we were rehursing.

    Not to meniton, on the night of the play, a small fire started in the back of the curtan area!

  • 1 decade ago

    Things always seem worse than they actually are. You will pull through. Just don't give up. You would be suprised what you can get two weeks before a show. The Key is to not let it defeat you. Push on.

  • 1 decade ago

    C'mon now, don't lose it. Lorelei and Rory would roll with it and so should you. If necessary, back up,regroup and try again later. Some things just can't be controlled, especially when it comes to the theatah. It takes the right combination of nuts and bolts people and artistic types, and sometimes the elements aren't there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I don't know any theatre stories but i have one about a girl who snuck into a r-rated movie and slipped down the stairs and fell into her principle's lap. Bad luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    omg i waz in a play nd i started choking midway through a scene...... the one of the actors costumes started falling off....

    another time i was supposed 2 get pied.....but this dude 4got his lines nd used our scene nd our pie so we couldnt go on!!!!!!

    one other time the lights went out midshow so we gave the audiance flashlights..... didnt work 2 well

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