How do i live with my spouse when we are not open and close. I really want that deep connection with him.?

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    You can have a "deep connection" with a man, where he talks and talks with you about things for hours, and where he totally understands you, and is in tune with your moods...

    in your dreams !


    IF that man is GAY !!!

    If you want a man (your spouse) to connect with you, and appreiate you, then LIGHTEN-UP, make it FUN for him in your talk and banter, be his best friend, tell him all the stuff he does neat and well with "genuine" compliments,

    flirt with him, and cook his favorite meals,

    and only then will he feel "connected".

    For your own needs in this area, get a GIRL-friend to talk to in the deep and intense way gals do...

    a straight man will never 'CONNECT' like you dream of.

    But he can love you deeply,

    if you don't come off too "needy" so as to torture him, wanting something he's not equiped to give.

    Be wise, and appreciate what you have that is good.

    Talk to a Grandma more about men,

    Read Men are From Mars Women are from Venus, .

    Stay cool



    your role.

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    Have you talked to your husband about this? You know, many men are completely clueless when their spouses are unhappy -- they think no news is good news, so he may have no idea that this bothers you. Talk to him about it, and be sure to do it when he can devote his full attention to you -- if he's distracted because of work or the baseball game or some house project he's working on you'll be wasting your time. And be sure not to criticize or attack him because he'll get on the defensive and your efforts will be wasted. Good luck!

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    well im not old enough to really tell u wat u should do but i no alot 4 my age but here it goes with the fact that u want to be able to talk to ur spouse u should sit him down and tell him cuz no matter how much u want this time he cant read ur mind and he really dont no whats wrong if u dont tell him so u should sit him down and tell him how u really feel about the whole thing and thats how it leads to divorce and all that stuff u need to be free minded and say wats on ur mind tell him how u feel and let him no if he truley loves u then hell spend quality time with his wife he choosed over all the other ones

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    you should have a romantic dinner with him and while your talking ask him what's his most darkest secret and you tell him yours then you ask him whats his fears you know the stuff you would ask him if you just meet each other and if dont work you have permission to shut me up lol

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    Maybe you should start that connection but talking about how youa re feeling to him, and not yahoo.

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    Great answer heatherdrake!

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