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KitKat asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

Why do people think that weight loss is easy? That they can pop a pill and never break a sweat?

Im so tired of peole whining that they want to lose weight, which pill should they take.The key to weight loss is diet and exercise.If you work out, great!You have to keep pushing yourself or you won't get anywhere.I just don't understand why people think that it's going to be easy to burn calories.Fad diets don't work and neither do pills.Is that really so hard to understand?You didn't gain the weight overnight, you're not going to lose it that way.Let's also not forget that yo-yo dieting hurts your body in the long run.But that's all for them to figure out.Let the pill-poppers have a heart attack when their heart rate gets up too high.They have been warned.


I know all the reasons people think it's easy like tv ads and such. I just don't understand the psychology behind it. Why are we programmed in this country to want everything RIGHT NOW? Anything worth having is worth fighting for, IMO.

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    hey hun....i think you have said whats been on a lot of peoples minds in this forum....i also think that a lot of people look at it as somethin' like..oh i think im gonna loose some weight and see how fast it melts off...then get discouraged cause it doesn't...i have learned from personal experience that weight loss is not just something to do for a few weeks and then drop it....its a commitment...even if you ever get to your idea body style then you have to keep working to stay takes years of hard work sweat and sacrifice to get in great physical shape...there is no need in pills or creams or even low carb diets because your body will loose the weight if you will feed it right and get off your other words getting fit is NOT for the faint of daisy

    Source(s): it has takin me 5 yrs to loose 40 pounds. i did it in a slow healthy matter lifting weights and doing cardio and i am proud to say that no pill or "miracle diet" can take credit for a single pound i have was my own grit, will and determination...that alone is worth more than watchin' any amount of weight fall off!
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    Source(s): My Ex Back Secret -
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    Unfortunately, people are gullible. They see "doctors" touting these products on the television and never see the teeny fine print at the bottom that states (this is not a real doctor, he just plays one on TV). In this case, I feel it is time for truth in advertising. Make it a requirement that the fine print is easy to read and scrolls across the bottom.

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    i think losing weight is really hard it's not that easy

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    spend 10 minutes a day walking up and down stairs

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    Keep a chalkboard in your kitchen and writedown your weekly meal plan

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    They are lazy and don't want to put forth any effort to change..

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    1 hour of dancing

  • LOL, if losing weight was that easy, everyone would be thin.

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    I agree with everything you just said and wonder the same things.

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