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You do realize we will eventually run out of natural resources? What will happen?

eventually all our fuel for our automobiles, planes, etc will run out leaving them useless and unworkable. What will we do when this happens? Will we have mass chaos? Will we have some sort of plan to figure out our next moves by then? WIll we all work together, the world, to provide every country education and systems to live off one another? We will have all died out by then due to disease, war, or old age?

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    One thing we do have is THE SUN - a huge source of energy that will be there for the next couple billion years.

    Even the small amount of the total energy we receive is a big help.

    We have to figure out how best to harness it.

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    Yes you are right, but NOT in our life time or in the next millenium.

    Haven;t you read the lastest news science articles.

    With advanced technology, we are finding massive hidden deep fossil fuels. During Senoir Bush there was a report that stated we have about another century before we run out of fossil fuels, then severla years later, we read that NEW areas have been dedected , one area is the philippines, that they claim has fossil fuel that could last anopther 100 years.

    By then we'll have another source for energy.

    Cold Fussion, works. even though it is not cold and not even fussion.

    Relax and just enjoy life, and spend yourmoney at strip bars, all is well with the world.

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    On one hand, there is the opinion that it won't happen within the lifetimes of people living now, and therefore, we shouldn't worry about it.

    On the other hand, we have to secure the future for generations to come. We should figure out what we're going to do about this before it happens; before we devoid our planet of natural life. I think we should try and colonize Mars or even the moon, and get more resources from there.

    The problem with our world is that is based on money and economy. If it wasn't, we would have less animals endangered and extinct, more rain forests, and no global warming.

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    Your statement is incorrect. Natural resources are mostly renewable, we just use some of them (fossil fuels) faster than they are able to regenerate.

    Resources such as solar and geothermal energy have yet to be developed to their potential, so they won't be going away any time soon.

    Instead of looking at the doomsday picture, we all need to invest in and encourage the development and exploration of new energy sources.

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  • Erika
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    Uncle Pennybags hit it precise on the nostril. yet he did no longer point out that we've got here upon between the biggest oil reserves in the worldwide precise in our back backyard. in certainty, if it were got here upon in the previous Prudoe Bay, we would possibly not at all have geared up the Alaska Pipe line. I remember 50 years in the past that the doom sayers have been prophesying that we in straightforward terms had 20 years of oil left and we would desire to initiate searching for different potential materials. I do have self assurance we could continuously seem for option materials yet we nevertheless have many many years of oil left. I civilization will adjust to what we've yet will proceed to get greater effective. yet a minimum of we can't could save listening to those idiotic loud mufflers on autos.

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    Moot point. Hydrogen fuel sources are already coming to the market - burns clean and uses the most prevolant source of fuel in the known universe. People are already adpating to renewable sources, so the world is not going to collapse - we will adapt.

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    We'll find something else. People are bound to come up with a new way to do something. Gas will run out, and we'll probably find something else like electricity or whatever. Technology is changing our lives, and the solutions to our problems are gonna be solved via technology.

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    I realized that this would happen, and when i realized there is nothin I can do about it, i decided not to worry about it.

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    I realize this, but one person with little money can't do I just try to do my best...

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    by that time, we will be able to make alternatives for our natural resources.

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