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Can you really talk or hear god?Please no haters!?

When I was a child,I did not understand why my parents prayed.I would ask them what they were doing and they would reply that they were talking to god.I felt left out since I could not see,hear,or talk to him.In a way dont you think it is sort of crazy for people to hear a voice in their head claiming to be god(or any voice)?Out of common sense these people would usually be considered mentally ill but since it is based on a world religion, it makes it ok.I think people are dogmatic about their religion and closes their mind to any other religion rivaling their own.It is sad how christians assume that other religions are somewhat inferior.Throughout history, it seems that christian have been the aggressors who convert primitive people to their religion to save them.It seems to me that they just want manipulate people to control their lives.I think religions are the cause of wars and hatred among people.Thats why I remain neutral and open minded about other religions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Please read.... you will find this interesting...

    To pray is to talk to God.... God speaks to us through the Bible, through others, in our spirit, and everyday surcumstances. Sometimes, His presense can be so strong that His voice is almost audible, you can hear Him.

    No one can see Him, but many can feel Him, His presense in the room, the Holy Spirit if you will. Usually when we worship God... or pray, But you can't feel Him all of the time.. but He is still there, This is not to be confused with emotions, it is an actual presense, God's Spirit, He comes to live in all those that confess Jesus as their Savior... it is a way of identifying us as Hid children.

    His Spirit helps us, comforts us, guides us, teaches us through the Bible, and empowers us to do God's good works and to teach God's Word.

    You see, all religions are trying to find, or be good enough for their "higher power" by doing good deeds and such...

    But the Bible said that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God... God cannot allow any sin into heaven because He is Holy....

    Now, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to bear the punishment for our sins, so that we may find God and know Him....

    I cannot erase my sins by trying my best to do good deeds... only Jesus can do this

    put it this way...

    A good and rightious judge will not let a convicted fellon go free, no matter how good of a citizen he has been after he commited his crime. Correct? Yes. If a man pays for the fellons crime, the fellon can accept and go free to live to continue to be a good citizen.

    The same goes for God, Jesus paid our fine so that we could live... Jesus is the only way because He was the only one that paid for our sins, that If any would accept His gift- thus accepting Jesus Himself- they may live.

    YOu see all religions are kind of the same, just with different names and such, they teach to do good, But there is a reason for Christianity, it says that good doesnent erase your sins and save you, only Jesus can do this...

    And it is all about Choice, you deside... God cannot force you to love Him or accept His gift, He gave us free will. God send no one to hell, they choose to go there. Hell is basically forever without God.

    I am sorry about the crussades, DO U WANT AN ANSWER?

    Here it is- the Inqusitions and the crussades were unbiblical, powerful hypocrite men ruled the church and did selfish things in the name of God, but it was not God's will, I my self don't consider to be one of those religious hypocritical people, they were not of God... they called themselves Christian.... but they were NOT. Like today many calls themselves Christians but they are wolves in sheeps clothing... not CHristians.

    You see the Bible says to love one another and to tell other about Jesus, not to forcibaly convert them

    unlike in the Quran, have you read it... it teaches violence and that Islam is to rule the world by force...

    This doesn't include Peaceful Muslims, they tend to Ignore most of the Quran and its violence and they teach peace...

    The Bible teaches to love, even your enemies...

    Jesus Himself said that He was the way to God, so I believe...

    Now if I am wrong, which I don't believe that I am... then I am prepared...

    If all that it takes to enter heaven is to be a good person, then I am good to go...

    If there is no life after death, then I've lived a good life and we will all die anyway...

    If we re-incarnate then I won't come back as a lower life form....

    BUT If you need Jesus to enter into heaven, than I am good to go... because I accepted Him and His gift of mercy...

    You however are unprepared, you could be dead wrong... you are gambling with your soul.

    May God bless you and show you the Truth...

    Time is ticking, life is fading, days are flying... it is time to make a dessision, will you choose Jesus?

    It is your call.

    Source(s): Jesus is Truth
  • 1 decade ago

    Wow chromstah ... Do you think God hates you?

    The first thing I ever heard God say to me is "Be still and know that I am God."That was years ago. People of many religions other than christians seek this place of stillness and commune with what they call their 'true self.' Are they mentally ill to?

    I don't think it is good to be dogmatic about anything. People have free will. That means I take responsibility for my choices, even choices of what I will believe and what I will not believe. What's hateful about that?

    Their are people who are aggressive and manipulative in every country, religion and organization. I'm wondering why you have selected christians as the so called "bad guys."

    I don't think you are open minded. You made the statement that religions are the cause of wars and hatred among people. That does not sound like an open minded statement.

    If I tell you that I hear God and that He loves you and me, will you believe me?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. You can really talk to God. And Yes, you can really hear God talking back to you. Most people regardless of religion or belief system understand God through their own intuition. God already understands that we are all born into a certain family, culture, race , religion and country. So there is no need to discuss the "right" religion, that is only a human's meager attempt at trying to commune with a higher form of consciousness. What you may try is to learn to listen to your "inner voice" that part of you that is the most real and most honest. That "inner voice" or "intuition" is God's voice. God's voice = inner voice= intuition. It is unique only to you. And it is the same voice that will guide you, protect you and assist you in your own journey through life. Every "holy book" written throughout time is only an individuals expression of their own inner voice, unique to them that assisted them in understanding how to attain higher levels of understanding in order to evolve into a better human being at "their level". The only difference is that they decided to share with the world. The only problem is what was personal for them was thought to be "the way" for everyone. The " inner voice" is very quiet and subtle usually, so that's why many people spend time in silence, so they can really get a handle on what "God is saying" . Good Luck. It takes practice and patience, don't give up! ; )

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a personal journey and God is there for you and me. He never leaves us even when we think that he has. You never know when a angel will answer for God. I've seen things before that were seen while I was praying. i seen 3 men on 3 horses with suits of armour and swords in there hands and middle man had a crown on his head. What do you think of that little me seeing such a great vision. I've always said I am nothing God is great. Anything is possbile and things are real. Just like speaking to God he does hear it is up to us to act upon his words. Faith is what keeps us close to him and faith is what will take us back home to him. He has a plan and we are part of that plan. It does not just end here on earth it goes beyond. he promised us eternal life and he will not let us down.

    Source(s): experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    you cant physically hear him. but you can feel it when you're doing the right thing in your heart. When you talk to God you open your heart up and he listens. he will answer but it may not be the answer that you like it could take a short or long time and it could be a yes or no.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If a person told a psychiatrist that they were Jesus Christ or God spoke to them or they saw a burning bush, thankfully, they would be locked up. You are correct. though. Apparently, in the U.S., freedom of religion only applies to Christians.

  • 1 decade ago

    God invites us to talk to him Psalm 65:2

    Jesus taught 'The Lord's Prayer'.

    Strange how in the day of cell-phones, it is thought ludicrous that God can hear us when we speak.

    Distance is not a problem.

    Its wireless.

    Hearing voices in one's head that is weird.

    That's not how God responds.

    His answers are in the bible.

  • 1 decade ago

    Through prayer and meditation. Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening. There is no right way to talk or listen. Just try it.

    Peace an love

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can talk to God and even hear him. his voice is not audible.. it's a small voice in your heart. or he will bring something to your mind (usually scripture) to tell you the answer that you seek.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that people "hear God" because they wish so strongly to, kind of like when you scare yourself into hearing noises that aren't really there.

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