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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsWeddings · 1 decade ago

Soon to be Mother in law!!?

My soon to be mother in law is really a peice of work.

Last year she moved in with us for a while and well it ended ALL BAD! She treated my daughters.....her granddaughter like they were garbage.

So over the past year she has seen us all like 4 times and has called about that too! We never had her new phone number or address.

So a few weeks ago she called our house like 10 times in 30 mins leaving messages very curel messages! A few days later she emailed us apolizging to us and my fiancee replied back to her and we never heard anything from her again. Until today! She emailed my fiancee complaining that she dosent know anything about our upcoming wedding and she is hurt by it and that she knows all my family knows all about it and not his. Just said alot of mean thing!

She is blaming me for everything and I havent done anything wrong, my fiancee totally agrees!

How can this all get solved so our wedding day isnt distoryed?

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    OH HONEY!! I am dealing with the same thing right now and the only thing I can tell you to do is to try to be the bigger woman. Don't be rude back to her, just sit tight and hope things pass. I know that sucks, but I think its the best thing to do. However if she doesn't come around you absolutely DO NOT have to subject yourself to such treatment. If this happens simply separate yourself from the situation...but still don't be mean back. Removing yourself from the situation lets her know that you are not getting involved in the insanity and she will generally leave you alone. Think about how it...what does she get out of being mean if she gets no reaction from you??? She will soon learn to either wise up and be nice, or she will just give up and move on.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Wow.

    2. She's making her own bed and will just have to sleep in it.

    3. Give her the wrong date for the wedding so you don't have any drama.

    You might want to look into helping her into counseling.

    Source(s): I am being sarcastic, but wow! what a character. No real advice for you, but she might really need help.
  • 1 decade ago

    My advice would be for you and your husband to sit down with her and explain that you two would like for her to be a part of your lives and if she doesn't change then that could not happen. She has to understand that your husband - to - be chose you. She has to except it. Invite her to your wedding and tell her to be civil. Mabey she is feeling a lost of control over your husband or something like that. Oh let's be truthful the woman has issues!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Sit her down and talk to her together! Tell her you have decided to make a life together and you are going to be married. Tell her she is welcome to be a part of the wedding, but only if she acts responsibly. This is your day and you expect your guests to act with dignity and respect and if she cannot act in the appropriate way, she is not invited!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Your husband needs to sit down with his mom and try to figure out what the real prob is. Is she jealous of you or what? Do not let this ruin your wedding. Just try working it out. If she can not get over it then that is her prob

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    1 decade ago

    from your other answers its a sure thing that u dont got a clue what marriage is all about and true love-but for now your b/f gets free sex instead of payin another girl-no wonder u got issues-i am prayin for u to be the princess u r ment to be-and u can see me at 360 under david i thank you and im prayin for you to honor yourself and be true yesss

  • 1 decade ago

    send her an invitation but with the wrong date and time on it at the wrong church and reception hall...i'll bet that will stop her from emailing and leaving nasty don't need a crazy like that in your life!

  • 1 decade ago

    She's nuts.

    Just send her an invitation after all the plans are made.

    The last thing you need is drama from her screwing up your wedding plans.

    good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    call her, get her answering machines and replay all of her cruel messages, then say...."would you want this woman at YOUR wedding? It is my wedding, and I will not let you ruin it with your mouth." Then hang up.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like she is bi polar or something.Have your hubby send the crazy doctors to evaluate her so she can get the medication she needs.

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