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Is Condi Rice vastly overated and ineffective??

She seems nice enough but what has she done for world peace or national security? The idea by some (like that Dick (Clinton's disgraced advisor) guy) that she should run for Prez is strange to say the least. If she would like to perform like Liz Dole in her run (who wasn't even endorsed by here husband) and lose she should. Is she a NeoCon pawn carrying out Bush's impotent Middle East policy or something worse?

Powell is an establishment guy but at least he had experience and knew the world. Condi read a few books on the Kremlin and got to be provost. As NSC advisor she didn't do much to prevent 9/11 either. I'm no Democrat either. Both parties are hypocritical in their own way. Vote and take back your country!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes she is overrated. she has not done anything productive, can anybody name any qotes or acheivements?

  • 4 years ago

    properly she will't this time yet she will next time (2012) without wanting to offend you, Ms. Rice has an fantastically undesirable approach in route of alternative international locations, she takes the stance of 'do as I say'. She is honestly no longer conventional in Europe, Asia or the Gulf states. She is more effective than likely smarter than President Bush yet you should keep in mind that she is advising him and he's appearing on that suggestion. Edit. I forgot to tutor that jointly with her draft dodging cowardly bosses she changed into an anti Vietnam protester.

  • Halle
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    1 decade ago

    She just throws tantrum.

    "why can't you people just go along with whatever we tell you! Why do you insist on thinking for yourselves? Don't you realize you're giving aid and comfort to the terrists? You're supposed to just march in lockstep!"

    Well now, ma'am, I have some advice.

    If you put somebody into an impossible position, as you did with this moron we have in office here, you lower expectations, just like you did for Bush's "debates", so that not failing seems like winning by a landslide with a mandate, even if you had to cheat to do it.

    When you put Karzai in, you announced with tin trumpet fanfares, purple fingers and bandages that Afghanistan was now a democracy, and that all those confusing names and sects of religion and tribes and political history and feuds and vendettas and fatwas were going to just miraculously stand up and cheer. But that was clearly not reality, and putting lipstick on that pig when everyone is clearly looking a pig is why you're having your tantrum.

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess the proof would be in the pudding.

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