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At what age is a boy mature enough to go duck hunting with his father ? No carrying or use of gun by boy.?

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    It will vary from boy to boy...but about 7-8 is a good age to tag along on a trip. Younger than that and they usually just get in the way on a hunt and cant sit still in a blind and be quiet long enough. At about 4-5 yrs old they should be taught to NOT play with the 7-8 begin teaching gun 11-12 they should be mature enough and taught well enough to own their own gun.

    I was out hunting with my dad the first time at age 8 and got my first shotgun (which I still have) as a gift when passing my Official Hunter Safety Education Course at 11.

    Great Question... Remember that Safety is the Key to a Successful hunt. So if there is ANY doubt about the boy...Wait till next year. Besides, if the boy gets into trouble for not being good on the hunt he will have a bad memory of his first hunt instead of a good one!

    Source(s): My own experiences as a Hunter and Life Member of the National Rifle Association.
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    Depending on what state you are in it is usually listed in the state hunting rules and regs. Usually they must complete a hunters safety course. But if he's just going to watch and knows enough not to jump out of the boat or make noise he might really dig it. Dad should take care of him. If he's not a good Dad, no way.

  • 5 years ago

    relies upon on the fashion of hunt. you like your Son to have exciting. i do no longer think of he's basically too youthful for a standing hunt (In a blind or field overlooking a community). He basically needs to circulate while it won't e depressing (chilly, raining) and your Husband might could be waiting for a short hunt your son isn't having an incredible holiday. Your husband sound very secure and prefer he's wanting to bypass on the custom, yet making it exciting to your son may be the utmost priority if he takes him out that youthful. that would propose leaving early, speaking concerning to the Coyote he sees on the prospect of scaring activity, despite. i'm beneficial your husband has seen this. all of us understand if the 1st holiday is undesirable, it must be the final and with some thing we appreciate as much as looking, we choose others to examine to love the sport as much as we do. that's considered necessary teach the delight in all it is obtainable, no longer in straightforward terms the harvest. desire all of it is going nicely and we've a clean guy or woman it is basically learns to apreciate the activity and the exterior.

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  • Pobept
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    I started hunting with my dad at 6 years old

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