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Does anyone know a cure for my lip problem?? Read more...?

I had this lip problem for two years, its caused by my braces. There are cracks on the side of my lips and I just can't get rid of them. I've tired basically everything on the market and have tried going to a dermotologist NOTHING WORKS! Anyone know of anything that may work?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would try Lansinoh. It comes in a purple tube-it'll probably say for breastfeeding mothers-on it. I know it sounds weird, but it'll work. You can find it in the baby aisle--it's actually used for sore, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, but it really relieves any type of cracked skin, and I've used it to get rid of chapped lips, it works instantly. You can pick it up at Walmart.

  • 1 decade ago

    Is is from your braces rubbing against the lip? You can get some wax from your ortho to cover that spot on your teeth. Is it from too much saliva? Then you need a barrier like Bag Balm and apply it constantly!

    Do not pick at the cracks! It will only make it worse!

    Okay, here's my last idea. Mix some sugar in Vaseline and apply it gently w/your fingers or a toothbrush to get rid of the dry stuff, then apply a mix of vaseline, neosporin and hydrocortisone gel (not the cream). Use it all day long, do not let your lips get dry! Drink lots of water and take a multi vitamin!

    good luck

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    1 decade ago

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