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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

Am I wrong for hating in my family?

They do things for me, but basically here is the bottom line: My stepsister is an evil ***** who gets away with anything, my stepbrother gets whatever he wants, my stepmom constantly seems like she hates me or something, or at least has something against me, and then my father sides with me when it's just me and him, but in front of everyone, he doesn't stand up for the bullshit that goes on in our house. But I do love my little sister, who gets yelled at, cursed at, and everyone makes her do stupid things. I don't know what to do, other than say I'm growing apart. I'm counting the days till I leave this hell. Once I go to college, no more of them till Christmas. There's more things I should tell you, but I don't have enough space.

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    my dear friend, these kind of problems are the real test in ones life's. time is the answer for each and every problem in this universe and patience is the key, the one who holds the key is a successful person. you said that your father is on your side, means he loves you, you have to be patient at least for him.

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    all the best my friend.

    the one who hates his enemies also is a real winner.

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    Depending on how long you've been livin with your "new" family, sometimes it can be quite difficult adjusting to certain behaviors. Your father obviously wants to accomodate your stepmom and her children but don't let that make you feel any less important. It's actually pretty common for one of the parents to side with another. Your little sister is probably to young to realize what's going on but your best bet is to seriously talk things over with your dad. Tell him how you feel about everything, even the negative feelings. I felt the same way you did and it was just me, my mom and dad. When I left at the age of 20 I was so psyched to be living on my own. After a couple of years I realized how much I missed them and their inconsistencies. Even if you have to talk to your stepmom, do so. Tell her what you are feeling and what you think can make things better for the whole family. Always remain yourself and be honest. Never let anyone make you feel down because it's your life and you have to live with it. I hope I have been helpful!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like you need to talk to your dad. If he isn't willing to stand up for you, maybe you should just leave. Sounds like you are almost 18 anyway. Maybe you have a friend you can stay with, or family. The big thing is, you will be leaving but your little sister is going to be stuck there with people who are yelling at her and cursing her. I would hope your dad would stand up for you or at least her. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you have some family who would stand up with you and talk to your dad. Sounds like you need to get her out of that situation. Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No everyone goes through this in their families at points in their life. My bf's family is actually pretty similar to yours. Teh best thing to do is just be there for your sister, and try and keep out of the way of your step family. As for your father, well for some reason it always happens this, just be patient with him. He's stuck in a hard place, and wants his marriage to work out and to try and cause the least amount of tension for everyone. Even though hes not going about it the right way, he still deserves your support just because he brought you into this world. When you go to college, enjoy yourself, and keep in communication with your sister, she will probably need to hear a friendly voice every now and again.

    Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    I had a 1000 times worse of a childhood and they were my real family no steps. But they do have counselors at school, and you all really do need a family counselor. But somewhere down the road this all will probably split everyone even your Dad and his wife. This goes on in almost every family when one or both have their own kids.Thats why everyone really needs to consider EVERYTHING before having kids.

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    I am sorry for you that your family is sooo screwed up. I hope you are close to getting out. Just remember that when you leave, what happens to your little sister?? Don't forget about her, stay in close touch with her and when she is old enough to leave, help her get out of there. It is sad that parents screw over their kids so much these days. God Bless you kids, I hope that this helps you become a great parent because you will know how NOT to raise your children.

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    If it's abuse, you should call social services and report them for child abuse. No child should suffer from abuse either physical or emotional. I know it's the hardest thing to do in this life, but to chose to forgive them is the ultimate resolution. IT sounds like the steps are the favored and you and your sister are resented for being there. Have you tried talking to them about it? That's a step in the right direction.

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    You don't have to hate them, instead, look at them as "people who doesn't know what they are doing".... but in most cases, if there is unexplainable "hate" they portray against you- bottom line is - Money- your dad's money.

    Talk to your Dad.

    Family should be a teamwork, but if you can't do it in one roof- just make sure your decisions like where you will stay and your friends- should be more critical...

    Talk to them straight what you think they're doing that to you- ask them why they treat you like that directly- these girls wold be surprised.

    sned me a message- you may

    hate only genrates hate- don't hate... stay "enlightened"

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    that sounds really rough, I am sorry and the best thing to do, is to look at your dad the next time he sides with you when no one is around and then say why can you not do this when you wife is around, I think it is also time that you stand up to your dad you are your own person it is time to tell them to stop treating you the way they all do,

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    Blended families are very difficult. Talk honestly with your dad and tell him that you need for him to stand up for you and your sister. It sounds like that he and his new wife didn't come to any kind of understanding on how to raise a blended family. Tell him that you need for him to be there for you.

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