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hal asked in Food & DrinkEthnic Cuisine · 1 decade ago

Where is best place to get gyros in san francisco?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Source(s): Make it your personal quest to find out!!! Hope the list helps.
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    The finest gyros served on the planet of course come from Greece. Personally, I think that the Greeks have and serve the finest foods on the planet. The Greeks love their spicey food preps but unfortunately, most people in the U.S. dont share those preferences. Lamb (which is used for Gyros) is extremely rich, too rich in fact for most Americans. Because of that, A company called Schriefers Gyro Wraps has been providing us with a special mix of Lamb, along with Beef. The cones of Lamb that they provide their restaurants with has a combined mixture of 25% lamb and 75% beef, making it more suited for the people here in the U.S., especially the children here. I personally opened a combo Restaurant in a mall just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. It was actually designed with two totally different food menus. I had Gyros being served on one half of the shop, along with a handful of other Greek foods, cheeses, desserts,,etc. The other half of the store was dedicated to Italian Subs. Each had it's own chefs, cashiers and menus, making it a rather popular stopping place for not only the parents, but for kids as well, and all in the same building. Because of the many different taste preferences that we all have, it makes it almost impossible to say who really does make the finest, best tasting Gyros in the World. That's my experience and opinions. Great question by the way. I hope that I've somehow helped. Thank you, Larry.

  • elk312
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    1 decade ago

    Goood Frickin' Chicken.

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