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How do I get a bar job in a USA / Canada big city ?

HI I am a 21 year old british man and I would like to get a bar job in USA / Canada. Suppose I get the correct visa etc what would be the best way to get a job? What experience would I need? Anything that I would need to know? Is there a particular time I should look? How easy is it to live on a barmans wage?

Thank you for doing me a favour!

- Paul

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey there--the best thing to do would be to start doing some online research into cities in which you might want to live. For a bar job, places like Toronto, Vancouver (if you want to go that far out West), Boston, NYC, Seattle or Portland (great music scene) are great. Go online and look at job listings (most of these cities have local papers with job listings. Also, many big bars and restaurants in major cities have websites of their own and often advertise if they are hiring and/or have contact information so you can get in touch with them directly. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly? The answer to this question will depend on two things: the city you're planning on relocating to, and the nature of the bar you're seeking employment with.

    If you've got previous experience in bartending, especially if it is in a high-volume establishment, then you shouldn't have any real difficulty in obtaining employment. On the other hand, if your experience is limited (or nonexistent), you might want to start as a "bar back" and learn the ropes, working your way into that bartender's job.

    As for being able to live on those wages, it's more than feasable in most cities. Tips alone - that wonderful American custom - will allow for nightly income comparable to what others make in a week...assuming you're employed at one of the more popular establishments.

    In any event, good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to different bartendars about mixing drinks, and everything that you need to become one. Then, go check out different bars and see which one you want to work at and find out if they're hiring. Experience is not really a huge factor.

  • 1 decade ago

    I may be wrong. But I believe you need to be a US citizen to tend bar in the US. You may want to double check on that before going in that direction.

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