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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 1 decade ago

what can i do about my hubby the snake hunter?

Have you ever heard of road crusing? DORs? If not, your not the wife of a snake hunter. My husband love to drive around until like 3-4 in the morning looking for snakes (dead of alive) on the road. He doesn't have a freaking cell phone so I'm up all night hoping a rattler or crazy driver didn't kill him. I'm sick of having snakes in my house--we currently only have 8 but half of them are having babies soon. I made him put them out in the garage but most of them died. 3 of them have gotten loose in the house, i've found 2, my daughter 1. I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him he could have them back in the house because he love it, it's his hobby but if one ever got out again they are history. How can I get him to focus more on me and the kids and less on snakes. In the summer he goes down 6 hours south just to look for the stupid things and leave me and the kids for days at a time. I'm fed up and have told him repeatedly. I dont want him to stop completly but enough is enough!


he does have a cor, which for those non snake hunters is a license, but you only need those for certain types of snakes in Utah.

Update 2:

the reason for no cell phone is the cost. i'd rather spend my $$$ elsewhere, he calls me on payphones or emails me from libraries.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok this is a new one on me LOL I have been bitten my a rattler 3 times, 3 different times and i think the only good snake is a dead one. I know this doesnt answer your question, nor have i heard of someone doing this, maybe there is a 12 step program for snake hunter addicts, either that i would leave hubby with the snakes and find a new place to live.

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  • Anna M
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    First off you should have a frank and honest conversation with him about your concerns. And KNOW what your concerns are before the converstaion. Men have hobbies of all sorts that get on their wives nerves.

    But his passion to do this probally equals your passion for him not to. A compromise is in order here..........

    You brought up the fact that he doesn't have a cell phone? He probally doesn't have one for a reason. That reason may be so he won't have to listen to you complain about his passion for snake hunting. And that is NOT something I am saying bad about YOU? From his standpoint he probally hears enough about it when he is home so "no cell phone" means he won't have to hear it when he isn't home.

    The compromise here is for YOU to allow his snake hunting.

    HIS compromise is that he has to carry a cell phone with him.

    Tell him of your fears of how he could get bitten, hurt or any number of things way out there in the middle of the night. That it would "help you" understand the passion for hunting snakes if you could know that he is OK?

    A person's passion? Rather it is snake hunting or fishing shouldn't be weighted in importance as "what or who" is more important.

    It can't be resolved when you pit his hobby against how he feels about you and the children. There will be no resolution to this if you try to get him to make a choice?

    The only issue I do have a problem with here is the amount of time ( 4 and 5 days ) that should absolutely not be happening with a married man with children or no children. Every once in a while might be OK?

    But he has a relationship to nuture here, and that is the one with YOU.

    Good luck on this............

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know about your State, but at least in California unless you have a license to collect snakes from the wild then that's illegal -- it's poaching, and if the Fish and Game people catch you they'll prosecute. You might want to check your local legal code. If he's breaking the law, he needs to stop.

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  • 4 years ago

    some places out west, rattlesnakes are a precise epidemic, and the locals make area of looking them out of the backyard! The shot lots in 38 Cal and bigger artwork high quality. I truthfully have used a short steel fencepost in one hand to tutor over suspicious rocks they cover under. it particularly is totally close bump into stuff, which outcomes being honest chase to many people's thinking, as each and each opponent is in variety of the different on the 2nd of assembly. They coil and strike jointly as you fireplace. it particularly is totally honest. in elementary terms for actual warriors. Regards, Larry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My ex-hubby hunted a snake. Her name is Kristin!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need to move out get your own place and then he will realise what he has lost but as long as your still there he wont change he thinks your just gonna keep accepting it because you do you say you wont but you do

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  • 1 decade ago

    it your life if you cant stand it you just cant by!!!

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