What happens when the speed of rotation of the earth slows down?

What happens when the tilting of the earth is also changed

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    If the rotational velocity of the Earth slows down, the angular momentum would also be reduced. The angular momentum is what helps hold the Earth at the tilt of 23 degrees. If the tilt of the Earth begins to change (Earth wobbles on axis) this would effect the seasons. Any change in the seasons would effect the growing cycles for the plants on Earth. The plants would then effect the availability for the food supply, etc. A lot would happen.

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  • Curly
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    It happens all the time. We lose a few milliseconds per year, and official clocks have to be adjusted.

    I think you are asking what would happen if it stopped suddenly.

    First, the earth is a HUGE gyroscope. To stop its rotation would take a HUGE amount of energy. Millions of nuclear weapons worth. That much energy is hard to control and could very easily cook and pulverize all life on earth.

    If rotation stopped without destroying all life, then sunlight would heat only one side of the earth... that side would get very hot. The other would get very cold. that would make living hard...not much food.

    The tilt of the earth changes all the time. The earth is a GIANT precessing gyroscope. Every 24,000 years it makes a complete precession. Thats why astrology is off. All the houses of the zodiac and all are derived from the sky 2000 years ago, and they werent entirely accurate. (2/24)+error=(1/12)+error. The definition of house of zodiac is the constelation along the ecliptic that the sun is in at noon on the day of your birth. If you math it out its off.. not to mention there are 13 houses.. cant forget ophucus.

    If the tilting rate was changed (massive energy, cataclysmic)

    If magically we lived through the cataclysm (seasons & climate radically altered).

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    Days will get longer, and I'm sure there will be a whole host of ecological changes. When the tilt changes, it depends on which way the tilt changes. If it gets more tilted, the seasons will be more pronounced.

    It's interesting that the Earth is slowing down because of a mathematical/physics phenomenon called "conservation of angular momentum". The moon is slowly getting farther away also, it's all related.

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    It is the rotation of our planet that forms our magnetic field. The greater the spin, the greater the magnetic lines intensify.

    The reason this happens is that there is energy of rotation, which energy increases in value as a person moves from either pole toward the equator. At the equator the opposite moving forces of rotation (called the Coriolis Effect) passes through that plane as they meet face to face with maximum energy of rotation.

    Within our planet there is a formed plasma. This form of mass existence has the outer electrons free from the mass, so they exist as in a soup - they are not directly attached to any particular mass. When opposite moving energy values pass through a plasma, an electric field is generated. When an electrical field forms, magnetic fields form at a right angle to it.

    It is because there has been a vast electric field generated through the equatorial plane of our planet that we have a north and south magnetic poles. Were the spin of our planet to reverse, then the polarity of our planet would reverse also. Were the spin of our planet to increase, then the magnetic field would also increase.

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  • Steve
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    Got it backwards, rudra---gravity would be more, not less but only noticable at the equator. That's for AFTER it slowed down.

    DURING the slowdown, all the west coasts of all the land masses would be washed over by the water trying to keep going eastward while the east coasts would suddenly no longer be coastlines but quite far inland.

    For a while!

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    Time would slow to a crawl - just like it does at work after lunch and before quitting time.

    Seriously, it would take more than 24 hours to rotate, so a "day" would be longer.

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    You wake up Neo and realize it was just a simulation. The UN blames it on Israel for breaking Gods Covenant and unplugging the Master computer underneath the Dome of the Rock.

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    Gravity will lower. If the earth were to stop completely, we'd go flying off into space.

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    The days would get longer than they already are.

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    I`ll stop the world and melt with you

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