Do kitchen workers in elementry schools need a degree? Also do they work the same hours as school is open?

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    They do not typically need a degree - a high school diploma or a GED...often they work about 3 - 4 hours over the lunch period (10a.m. - 2p.m.). They do need their Child Abuse and Criminal Background check clearances, as per their state regulations. Must love kids!

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    Qualification status is just a "*" in this society telling people that the company/school/organisation hiring bright people with high IQ or EQ. But the sad thing is that this does not show any different at all. Because higher qualification doesn't mean you are smart or bright person who can work hard. But i would say that people with no qualification can really work hard because they need to work for salary to pay for their daily butter and bread.

    As for the question about working the same hours as school open should open a debate. Though sound reasonable to the school but not for the kitchen worker. because the normal kitchen worker start work during lunch , high tea period. The suitable timing should be 9 am - 5pm preparing all the food, cleaning kitchen utilities , serving etc.. Whether the timing should go from 9 am- 5 pm solely depend on the school management.

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    Typically they only require a high school diploma or a GED and as far as I know they work the hours that school is open as they have to prepare the lunch/breakfast for the day and then clean up and set things up for the following day after all of the meals are complete. If the school serves breakfast they might have to start work earlier than school hours.

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    NO, kitchen workers need a high school diploma and they only work when school is in session.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, you only need a degree if you are in the classroom. You may need a high school diploma, though.

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