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Would a anorexic go to heaven if they died?

Since they self-inflict misery on their body and it is basically killing them would they go to heaven, or would they by-pass hell becuase it's a disease. Would they be stuck in purgatory?

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    I'm a Protestant so my answeer might be different than what you'd expect. Really, the only way to go to heaven is to repent. If the anorexic person is truly sorry and repent on their deathbed, they'll go to heaven, all self-abuse forgiven. Otherwise, It's straight to Hell.

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    Well, since they ruined their body, I would say they go to hell. I know it's a disease an all, but it starts because of how they think. I mean, I agree, if they ARE really sorry, then up to heaven they go, but...

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    Anorexia is a mental disorder, and I can't believe that anyone who is doing harm to themselves or others due to a true mental disorder would be punished in the afterlife. That's the beauty of believing in a higher power. You have to trust that God knows what is in people's hearts and judges them accordingly.

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  • For an anorexic, any place without food would be heaven.

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    Heaven is a mindset, not a place. So the anorexic will be where her/his mind leads them alive or dead.

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    If anorexic was saved then Heaven would be home.

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    Anorexia is considered a mental illness so technically they are sick not really killing themselves... Their sickness is killing them just as any other terminal illness will. Fortunately there is a treatment that works...

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    Good God I would hope so, those girls who suffer from that are sick, just like someone whose body is ravaged by cancer. It's a sickness of the mind and spirit.

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    It's a mental disorder that they can't help having, so that's probably a loophole in the system as you're seeing it.

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